Episode 192: Telluride, CO – 7/9/2016

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Episode Release Date: July 27th, 2022

Episode Guests: Jenni Gee

Red Rocks, Mansfield, Santa Barbara, The Gorge, Telluride… and now Amsterdam. These six shows have something special in common that no other Pearl Jam show can claim. The band walks out and takes a seat to start the show, warming up with a collection of slower tracks and easing into a set more than the typical night. In the beautiful, mountainous evening sky up in a ski resort town in Colorado, the band took their seats in a fantastic mood thanks to these surroundings and started the night with 10 tracks played acoustically.

All of the shows mentioned above have a few things in common. They’ve been to go to spot for the band to break out debuts, rarities or songs that went completely into hiding. Take Angel for example. A Dave Abbruzzese song that was released as an A-side on the 1994 fan club Xmas Singles that had only been played four prior times in their history. Not once since 1994. It took them a record setting 699 times in between shows before they’d play it again at this show! Also, for all of the Into The Wild fans, Society was debuted directly after Angel and it was one of two performances of it in their history. Later in the show, we’d receive another Xmas Single rarity from 2008, Santa Cruz, which lyrics were changed to fit their current location.

A great show with lots of memorable speeches from Ed, and a cameo from a young woman standing stage side who wanted her 15 second of fame. Joining us to tell her stories is Horizon Leg Patron Jenni Gee!

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