Episode 215: St. Paul, MN – 10/19/2014

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Episode Release Date: January 11th, 2023

This episode is about breaking a stigma. No show could ever be at fault for following a marquee night where the entire No Code record was played on a whim. Nor can it be at fault for not being the show in Milwaukee the next night where the entire Yield record was done. But if you ask anyone that was in the building on October 19 of 2014 in St. Paul, Minnesota, they’ll tell you that they got a near perfect show. Pearl Jam hadn’t played in Minnesota (aside from some Target corporate party that doesn’t count) since 2006, but it was two shows where they were the opening act for Tom Petty. So for a full Pearl Jam experience? 2003. This crowd waited 11 years, and although they didn’t get an album show, there were enough moments here that this crowd holds special.

There are a few things to take away from this night. Although the setlist on paper may look like a pretty average Pearl Jam set, the performances are all delivered with a sense of purpose. This was the first instance where Ed spreads awareness for a rare skin disease called EB. Something he and his wife have raised millions of dollars for in order to find a cure ever since that day. He invites a doctor on stage who specializes in bone marrow treatment named Dr. Yakub Tolar, and the result is an inspirational moment where he relates what the band does to his own work in the medical field. Performance wise? It’s hands down Love Boat Captain as the best moment of this show, and it’s a must listen.

Thanks to our Patrons Kirk Walton and Ben Dwyer both for pitching this show. You’ll get to hear their stories during the episode.

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