Episode 219: Wembley Arena – 5/30/2000

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Episode Release Date: February 8th, 2023

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

We’re heading across the pond to London for a show that had the honorable distinction of being dubbed an “ape/man” bootleg back on the Binaural tour. It was a two night stint at the Wembley Arena, and as the norm within the history of this band, night two shows are usually can’t miss. But this night two kind of planted an early seedling for what future shows of this nature would look like, playing an entirely different set than the previous night and adding in some rarities for the fans attending both nights to feel like they got two very distinct shows.

With only four brand new Binaural songs performed on this night compared to night one’s eight, and a limited amount of Ten songs, the band went into every corner of their catalog to impress this crowd. We’ll spend some time talking about a the more uncommon songs such as a monster performance of Habit, the second instance where Untitled/MFC were played consecutively, In Hiding being played for the first time in two years and a tremendous Off He Goes. But the story here will be found in Not For You. Played at a slower tempo perhaps similar to a Neil Young song, this version would end in utter chaos in which a certain front man would receive a nice battle wound to the skull.

Our question of the week that you answered is have you ever been to a two night stay in one location, and what show did you think was the better of the two? Plus, our Gear Guru Javier returns to discuss some of Mike’s effect pedals that created the era specific sound for songs like Grievance and Nothing As It Seems.

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