Episode 236: Dallas, TX – 6/9/2003

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Episode Release Date: June 7th, 2023

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

We’re back to our 20th anniversary celebration of Pearl Jam’s Riot Act tour! Due to upcoming events in September, we have selected to cover the Dallas show from 2003 to give all of you headed there a little bit of history on what’s happened there in the past. This show is mostly known for being the first official time that Alive was used as an opener, and we’ll spend a lot of time discussing this version in contrast to the only other time they’ve opened with it in Newcastle, Australia. Speaking of firsts, there is a tag of an original song that we hear off of Daughter that hasn’t happened since this date!

On the second leg of this tour, Pearl Jam was starting to get a little creative in their setlists. We all know about the Mansfield Experiment and how the trio of shows featured nearly every song in their catalog. There’s also the tour closer in Holmdel which utilized two songs from every album in chronological order. John brings up a theory about this setlist that he thought may have been Ed’s original idea for this set, but was obviously aborted somewhere down the line. Do you agree with his theory? The other big conversation here will be about how Blood was being utilized back on this tour. We’ll discuss whether it makes any sense to play Blood in the middle of the set and how that factor may have done a little harm to this show.

The question of the week this week focuses on the Daughter moment. We’ll read your answers on what you’d think would be great songs to use as tags off of it. And our Gear Guru segments this week will focus on 1/2 Full, Green Disease and Jeremy.

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