Episode 248: Birmingham, AL – 9/3/1998

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Episode Release Date: August 30th, 2023

Episode Guests: Patrick Boegel , Brian Horwitz

It’s tour time! We’ve been hyping it up for the last few months, and this episode is the last before the 2023 tour kicks off! We’ll begin the episode talking about the possibilities of what may happen and whether or not there are new songs tossed into the mix. For up to date tour instant reaction episodes, please direct to our Patreon where that content can be found – http://patreon.com/liveon4legs

But let’s not bury this excellent show out of Alabama! Highly regarded as one of the best sounding bootlegs of 1998, it’s a great show to have available in this high of quality. Having never been to this part of the deep south before, the band puts together an inspired performance where we argue the difficulty of choosing an MVP between Ed, Mike and Matt. Stellar performances here. We’ll spend some time breaking down the laser show eminating from the Porch solo, a very aggressive Immortality, Footsteps in an unusual spot played middle of the set, and a powerful Given To Fly that sounds like a 2003 or 2006 version rather than 1998. But the moment that everyone will remember from this show is the Dueling Banjos intro leading way to Corduroy. Was it a little too on the nose for the location?

Sad to say that we won’t be hearing from Javier this week who needed to rest before making his way to St. Paul. But we do have Patrick and Brian from Hallucinogenic Recipe who will take a glimpse into the background behind this bootleg, and the switchover from cassette to CD-R that took place in the trader circuit during this year.

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