Pearl Jam Late Night Series: Ep. 17 – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 2011

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Episode Release Date: January 27th, 2024

We have a bit of a jam packed episode for this Late Night show from Fallon in 2011. This is coming off the heels of a widely successful PJ20 festival and soon to be celebration of a 20-year anniversary movie, book and soundtrack. It was a good time to be a fan and the band was finally telling the story that we had all heard bits and pieces of in the past two decades prior.

So they go on Fallon to promote everything and decided as a gift to the fans, a new song was going to debut on television. But that song just so happened to be…. Ole. This is not necessarily a new topic around these parts, so we’ll clearly get into the conversation that needs to be had, plus how special it was that the band wanted to bring out something new here.

But that’s not all! They filmed three songs during that taping including All Night that would air the following night with The Roots accompanying them on backing vocals, and the first ever performance of Mother during the Pink Floyd tribute week.

But come on now… that’s not all. Because you see, there was a little problem in the Gulf Coast around that time where the BP oil spill caused major damage to the ocean. And that happened to create these little balls of tar that would bobble around in the water. So as a public service announcement, Eddie collaborated with Fallon to present a very special message to those who had planned to go swimming in the ocean. Find out more at 11.

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