Pearl Jam Song Tier Lists: Ep. 11 – Gigaton

About the Episode

Episode Release Date: May 3rd, 2022

We’ve finally hit the last and most recent studio album as in part 11 of our Tier List series will focus on Gigaton!

Sure the songs are still pretty fresh, we haven’t YET (but hey, it’s May we’re basically there) gotten a sense of what these songs will truly turn into live, but the album has been in rotation for 2 years so that’s more than enough time to rank it. What will end up as S Tier? Who ever said it was going to be alright? You’ll have to take the long way to find the answer.

My takes are my own, yours are for you. We’re going to have different ones, how about that? If you disagree with me, maybe it’s not worth being triggered and upset by how someone else feels. It isn’t worth it, I promise!

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