Touring Fan Live’s Shore Stock Event to Raise Funds on Jersey Shore

By: Anthony Krysiewicz | September 14, 2021
Touring Fan Live’s Shore Stock Event to Raise Funds on Jersey Shore

On September 17th at 6pm ET, The Touring Fan Live will host its first in-person event in Asbury Park prior to the Sea.Hear.Now Festival in which Pearl Jam will be performing live for the first time in three years.

Touring Fan Live’s Commitment to Fundraising

On April 24th, The Touring Fan Live held the event Rockin for a Cure, which raised over $5,000.00 for the American Parkinson’s Association of America. During that event, The Touring Fan Live developed a relationship with the band Jackson Pines. The lead singer Joe and I had many conversations about upcoming events and I explained that I wanted to continue to raise money for nonprofit organizations that needed help.

About The Project Matters

During those conversations Joe told me about The Project Matters, an organization created by Karen High in honor of her son Benjamin High.

To explain a further, here is an excerpt written by Olivia Pec, who is an artist and beneficiary of The Project Matters:

“Benjamin High was just 7 years old when he sat down to draw the JNCO sneaker as an entry for an advanced art class. It’s not surprising that he got in! Ben had the heart of an artist. The sketch serves as a direct reflection of him and his music, always raw, simplistic, and tugging at the heartstrings.

The Project Matters was formed in 2010 in honor of Ben. And now, his sneaker serves as a reminder of everything The Project Matters stands for; the young child sitting on a big chair, leaning over their sketchbook, or the one who hasn’t left their room for hours practicing guitar.

The Project Matters is dedicated to shining a light on the untapped potential of young artists. When you donate to TPM, you are moving mountains for young musicians like Ben, providing them with opportunity and hope.”

I decided to put this event together with the assistance of Rhiannon Mish, Jenn Bailey and Paul Wirt, only 24 hours after finishing Rockin For a Cure because I felt so strongly about The Project Matters and their mission. Karen’s story was so compelling that we had to help any way we could.

After these conversations, The Touring Fan Live crew went to work right away by adding much needed pieces to our organization, ensuring success. We added key members to The Touring Fan Live including: Jennifer Bickel, Laura Zaki, Michele Menke and bringing on the folks from “Footsteps in the Sand“.

Shore Stock Music Event Fundraiser

The Touring Fan Live presents Shore Stock, a one-night music celebration to benefit The Project Matters. The event will see musical performances from artists Paul Wirt, Bobby Mahoney, Olivia Pec, The US Americans and some special guests. Dan Mumford has created the shirt that is being sold for the event to help raise money for The Project Matters.

Purchase tickets in advance to Shore Stock here.

Uke Can Make a Difference Charity Auction

In addition to the Shore Stock event, Jennifer Bickel came up with a great idea of “UKE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.

Uke Can Make A Difference is a special collaboration between The Touring Fan Live and the 501c3 charity, The Project Matters. In conjunction with our Shore Stock event in New Jersey at Sea.Hear.Now, we are also doing a unique online auction of talented artists that have painted ukuleles to help raise money for this well deserved charity.

Uke Can Make A Difference is working with some of the top artists which include: Steve Thomas, Jim Mazza, Jules Muck, Brad Klausen, Bailey Race, Arno Kiss, Ward Sutton, The Copper Trees, Kate Lindquist, Tyler Stout, Damian Fulton and also Anthony Krysiewicz. The first round of auctions will end the evening of Shore Stock and another round of Ukuleles will be posted the following week. With the entire event ending the first week of October.

Bid in our auction on the ukuleles here:

Meet the Ukes

Click image to view larger size

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