The Return of Pearl Jam: What Fans Are Looking Forward to the Most

By: Randy Sobel | September 16, 2021
Pearl Jam 2021 Sea.Hear.Now Festival - First Concert in 3 Years

I could start this by giving an elaborate introduction to set the table for what may be one of the most significant Pearl Jam shows of recent memory, but here’s the thing, I don’t have to do that. You guys clicked on this for a reason. You know what’s at stake for this weekend as much as anyone else. No one reading this is just “kind of” a Pearl Jam fan. Most people reading that aren’t attending are probably thinking to themselves at this moment “I wonder when the original Gigaton tour that I had tickets for is getting rescheduled” or “maybe I should check on flights to see if I can make it out to Ohana.” And if you aren’t thinking that, I just hope it’s for the right reasons and not due to a lack of desire to see them, because of course that doesn’t exist.

I’m so sorry if I elaborated, but I am a little excited because Pearl Jam will be playing their first show in THREE YEARS! And I will be there! Does that capture the moment enough for ya?

I was lucky enough to have been there in what will be 1,110 days in between shows, the last taking place on September 4, 2018 at Fenway Park. Eddie specifically mentioned that night that they were in the middle of writing and recording a new album, and aluded to being back on the road once they had new songs to present. 2019 came and went almost without a peep from the band. It wasn’t until December that they would announce a European tour leg that was originally set for summer of 2020. It’s the first year since the band formed in 1990 that they hadn’t played together for a full calendar year. Even in 2017, another non-touring year, they showed up and performed at the Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame. Again, these are nothing but statistics, the point is heavily reinforced here. It’s been a very long time.

Personally, the last three years of my life has seen significant changes. My wife and I moved and then got married, I lost my source of income once Covid hit, and 11 weeks ago we welcomed our first born child, Benjamin, into the world. But before all of that was Fenway and the beginning of a project that I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into. What project you may be asking? Well, it’s exactly what you’re reading, but something that started so much smaller than this. It was just a podcast between two lifelong friends that thought it would be cool to listen to boots and talk about them with people. Now we are recreating the Pearl Jam live show archive through the Concertpedia. To say my relationship with Pearl Jam has changed since that sweat-filled, joyful day under the overhang at Fenway would be a massive understatement.

I don’t want to bore you with facts and figures about how this podcast came to be and all of the things we’ve been fortunate to do, that’s why we had the foresight to create a page that explains all of it. But I don’t think I came into this project with the idea that I would begin to sink my teeth into every fact and story that needs to be told in this band’s catalog. There were things that I didn’t know on that day at Fenway. Extremely important things that I’m embarrassed that I never spent the time to figure out. Stuff like Self-Pollution Radio, old bootleg compilations that were traded around in the 90’s, shows such as Atlanta 1994 and Randall’s Island 1996 that maybe I had heard of in passing before, but it was without understanding the weight that those moments held. I liked listening to the shows that I had been to, digging for shows that had performances of rarities such as Fatal or Undone just to hear what they sounded like in the minimal times they were played live. That curiosity led me to some of the wildest rabbit holes I’ve ever been on, dissecting setlist after setlist to find trends, themes and stories. Once I learned everything, I felt the need to share them, or re-tell them to the world full of Pearl Jam fans.

I have come a long way since attending my 20th show, and even then my perspective of things was starting to shift. I would go into shows (MSG 2016 would be a great example of this) hoping to hear different songs from the ones I had heard live previously and then I’d feel let down when my wishes weren’t fulfilled. Yes, I am a collector and a chaser at heart. Unabashedly. I have a chip on my shoulder that I haven’t heard the one song that I believe defines my fandom in Brain Of J, nor have I heard it’s Yield trackmate, MFC. I’m a little agitated that I’ve seen Down five times, but have never seen Sad. I have seen exactly five unique Binaural songs, not including my consistent favorite in Light Years. These are all things that are still important to me in a way where I know if I hear them, it’ll make for a better live experience, but now that I’ve been able to view Pearl Jam in a way that had eluded me for most of my fandom, there’s only one thing that matters – the moments.

We talk about that often on the podcast. It’s the songs that are able to lift the energy of the crowd, and in turn creates an energy for the band to live up to. That can happen in songs we see every night like Better Man, Jeremy, Daughter and Even Flow for all of you who deem it bathroom worthy. And that’s okay. Isn’t that what live music is about? Focusing on how it happened rather than what transpired? I specifically remember this from very early on in the podcast back when John was a listener. He emailed us after listening to an episode and asked why we glossed over Given To Fly. In my mind, it sounded pretty much the same as it does every night, I didn’t have much to say. But Given To Fly is always a song that can build up to those big moments where you can anticipate the crowd to sing back with all their heart. Sure, seeing Rival would be nice. But what moment in Rival is able to elicit that from a crowd?

So I spent a lot of time just writing what could be interpreted as complete nonsense without answering the actual question at hand – What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again? The short answer is the ability to see this band in a completely different perspective than the previous 20 times I saw them. Knowing that this is going to be one of the most emotionally charged shows of the last decade, hell, maybe the entire 2000’s when all is said and done, those big moments that usually feel special on a normal show will hit a peak that I don’t think any of us are anticipating. I think it’s easy to read between the lines for a festival show that’s their first appearance since releasing a new record 18 months prior – you’ll get hits. You’ll get new songs, you’ll get old songs, you may even get something that’s never been done before. Those things are easy to predict…

But that’s not what I’ll be looking for this time around.

What I’ll be looking for is the reaction on people’s faces. The moment where a song gets played that’s gotten people through the toughest of days during this pandemic. The moment that reminds people of their loved ones, perhaps loved ones who are no longer with us due to the state of the world. The moment when they get to exhale, let out a few deserved tears and feel like all of this was worth waiting for. Those moments, because there will be plenty, are going to mean the most to me.

Ever since starting this podcast, I’ve felt attached to this community in a way that I’ve never felt from being in groups of friends, or being part of any other community within things like sports or even other bands. For some reason, everybody gets it, and it’s as simple as understanding why you need to see them 20 or 30 or 60 times and not feel a need to stop. It’s a rush! You don’t get the same setlist every night like you would with the majority of touring bands. If you tell your family about it, they look at you like you have 4 heads and ask “do you really need to see them again?” With this group, it’s like sharing war stories. Retelling tales of seeing certain shows or acquiring a piece of merchandise is an icebreaker rather than being seen as expressing obsessive behavior. You all get it, and that needs to be cherished as much as anything.

I am likely not attending this show without the inspiration from this community. I didn’t buy a ticket for it in 2020, and as a matter of fact, I hate festival shows. Haven’t attended one since Made In America in 2012. But I saw what people in this community were doing for a charity called The Project Matters (please read their mission statement, or read our post about it) and because they were fundraising for such a fantastic cause, I wanted to do what I could to help. Think about this, the link through all of this is the band. If we don’t have this connection and mutual love for the band, this organization doesn’t get this kind of attention or the funds that it truly deserves. It’s wonderful to see something special get done, doing it on a weekend that Pearl Jam is playing is essentially a dream come true.

So now I have to answer the question which song do you want to hear the most. That’s obviously a difficult answer that has so many different pieces. While others in this post won’t get as in depth as I’m about to, I’m going to break this down into a few categories where everyone will get to hear what they deserve to hear.

What song we need to hear

Release. Without question. In most scenarios in their history, Long Road has been the go-to for emotional moments that define the hardships that the band, or world, has had to go through to get to where they are. But in this instance they need to hit you with the tear-jerker, the one that everyone will sing along with. We need a unification and bonding of this crowd after the last three years has divided us in so many ways. It’ll be a big group hug to a crowd that sorely needs it.

What song they need to play

The band needs to play off the crowd energy while having a moment for themselves to prove that this moment is actually happening. There’s no better way to present that than to hear the crowd sing the lyrics of Elderly Woman “I just wanna scream… HELLOOOOOOO… my god it’s been so long, never dreamed WE’D return!” I think this moment will feel surreal for them and will get them amped to get into some of the big, anthemic songs in their set.

What song is most intriguing

This category is created especially for Gigaton since every song will be fresh at that moment. I think there are a lot of different directions to go. Quick Escape certainly feels like the electric, ear-splitting performance with a monster solo that deserves to be ripped apart up on that stage. But the nod here is gonna go to Dance Of The Clairvoyants. This was their bold attempt to try something completely new and different, and it’ll be interesting to see how that is going to translate live, Cameron drum machine and all.

What song I need to hear

I’m cheating a little bit because the next category isn’t that different from this, but it’ll make sense when I mention it. Every time I go to my first show of the year or the first show after a long delay, I always say it doesn’t feel like a show until I hear Corduroy. Corduroy defines who Pearl Jam is in so many facets, musically, identity and presence on the stage. All of those things mixed in together create the best live song in their catalog. There’s something enticing about that intro that sucks you in, and when there is a long delay between shows, “the waiting drove me mad” hits it right on that damn head. I’ll lose it when they play Corduroy.

What song I want to hear

Okay, this is the question that was addressed to everyone and I’ll make this the last bullet point. I’m probably in between about 50 or 60 songs for this category, but with the knowledge that they aren’t going to stray too much past their greatest hits catalog, I can’t pick something way out of left field. So I’ll defer to center field and choose Light Years. As I mentioned above, I haven’t seen a ton of Binaural songs, and this seems like it would be the most likely of the bunch to be played. I think it’s going to spark an emotional moment for so many, and seeing as how I had a sign that read “we were but stones, your light made us stars” on the tribute table at my wedding, this one hits hard. It may be a long shot, but I’m hoping that they can at least pull out a few collector gems for the fans who’ve been salivating them.

So you’ve heard a mouthful from me, but I am just one of thousands that will be at this event. I am no more or less important than the next person. So let’s hear from the folks around the community. So many different voices from people who have had their own long road that they’ve traveled during this difficult time. Everyone is getting together for the same purpose here. Feels somewhat normal again, doesn’t it?

Brian Horwitz (Concertpedia Contributor)

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

After always seeing several shows per tour going back to the late 90s, in 2010 I was only able to catch one show in Boston due to impending fatherhood. I proceeded to take a break until the 2013 tour when I caught several shows once more. That 3-year break was mostly self-imposed.

So here we are in 2021, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, I don’t need to tell you what’s been going on for a year and a half. What I will say is that we all know that PJ was essentially the first of the big bands to postpone their 2020 tour because of Covid. I was crushed, as I had tickets to see them 5x, including the Apollo show and London which was to be my daughter’s first show.  And somewhere in there would have been my 60th show.  Needless to say, I was crushed, and then re-crushed this year when the shows got postponed yet again.

I could not be more excited to go to the Sea.Hear.Now festival in a few days. PJ shows always recharge my batteries so to speak, and this could not have come at a better time. This will mean a lot, and I cannot be held liable for whatever my reaction might be when the lights go down. The hardcore fans descending on Asbury Park are going to collectively lose their minds.

Bring.  It.  On.

Which song do you want to hear the most?

I hate to be the guy that says they can play just about anything and I will be happy, but it’s true. I am prepared for a 2-hour festival set, meant to get the crowd pumped up. I get it. I am not expecting my white whale (No Way – after 56 shows, I am resigned to the fact that I will continue to miss it by a show or two every time). It’s not the kind of show that typically lends itself to white whales and song chasers. So, I’ll keep it simple – I can’t wait to hear them play Quick Escape and witness Mike annihilate the solo. The Gigaton songs have so much potential to really open up and become incredible live.

Heide Marx (Concertpedia Contributor)

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

The Sea.Hear.Now Festival is FINALLY upon us, and I for one cannot begin to express how much this first Pearl Jam show back since COVID means to me. There is something magical about being in the presence of live music. Particularly of the band you love. The energy you get from the band and how the band feeds off that energy, and in return, gives it right back to you.

When the recent Pearl Jam Gigaton tour was scheduled, I was beyond excited. Hitting the tour and traveling to as many shows as we can is like therapy to me. At the time the tour was announced, I had just lost my father and then a couple of months later a great friend passed away. I needed that therapy I get from a Pearl Jam show. That release of emotions that gets built up inside and comes flooding out alongside their music and lyrics. I needed that feeling you have in the pit of your stomach when you walk out of the show in euphoria. I needed that camaraderie with close friends and fellow fans all engaging in that shared experience. I’ve missed seeing their smiles and sharing warm embraces as we wait in line for merch or queuing for a show.

It doesn’t seem real that it is happening in a few days, and I know it will be meaningful for everyone there regardless of the reason. The “choir” is coming back together again!

Which song do you want to hear the most?

As for what song I want to hear the most, there are still my “white whale” songs I always hope to get a chance to hear, but for this show I’m going back to the beginning. The song I need to hear is Alive. I want to sing those words along with the crowd, to the top of my lungs, arms in the air and feeling every line:

Is something wrong, she said
Well of course there is
You’re still alive, she said
Oh, and do I deserve to be?
Is that the question?
And if so, if so
Who answers?
Who answers?
I, oh, I’m still alive!

Paul Wirt (Concertpedia Contributor)

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

Seeing Pearl Jam at Sea.Hear.Now means that we’ve survived the unprecedented events of the last several years, and we can now begin the healing process through the power and emotion of our favorite band’s music. On a personal note, my grandfather passed away after a long cancer battle this February and I know many other fans have either lost friends or family members or know someone who has over the last few years. So there is a heightened sense of importance for this show because it’s been so long since we’ve been able to gather together as a group and been able to collectively release and exhale.

What song do you want to hear the most?

I’m looking forward to hearing the Gigaton songs live for the first time because the band hasn’t had a chance to showcase them yet. I think some of them will translate very well to the live environment and become setlist staples.

Ryan Morden (LO4L Patron)

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

Yes, this can be loosely interpreted, but if you’ve gone a long time without seeing them or maybe something has happened over this stretch of time that’s changed your perspective, those are the types of things to dig into for this!

This show kicks off Pearl Jam’s return to performing live and touring (hopefully!). When the band takes the stage, I’m hoping for an old feeling of pre-covid normalcy or maybe a feeling of post-covid new normalcy. Either way, this concert feels like it’ll be a reward for hanging in there since March 2020 and an incentive to continue to be safe for future shows.

What song do you want to hear the most?

Again, it can be interpreted however you’d like. Some people will want to say the emotional opener, others may side with a classic like Alive or Corduroy, or maybe you’re itching the most for a new song. If you can go into any details, the better!

I’m looking forward to seeing Quick Escape live the most. I think it’ll be a great song for Mike and Jeff to show off on, especially on that minute-long outro. I’m also looking forward to a classic Eddie political speech. With three years of news and no live stage to share his thoughts, I’m sure he’s got something to say about abortion, vaccines, and voting.

Matt Thompson (LO4L Patron)

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

Feels like eons since my PJ last show. I caught the Missoula & the Fenway shows in 2018, and then suffered disappointment with the rest of the Faithfull during the 2020 tour postponement. I’ll be coming in from Pittsburgh for the show. This show will be significant for a couple reasons for me. It’s like a hometown show, I grew up going to Asbury Park all the time. It will be very cool to be on the sand for the show. Also, I have the opportunity to take one of my nephews to his first PJ show. He is 6’5” and I’m 6’1”, I’m sorry if you get caught behind us.

What song do you want to hear the most?

For me, Gone, I never had the chance to hear it live. Plus the history with its development in Atlantic City would make it special to witness.

David Ruthman (LO4L Patron)

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

This will only be my third PJ show ever. During this last year and a half, I have changed my perspectives as most all of us have. With the additional time at home, I was introduced to the Live On 4 Legs discord group and podcast which opened my ears and eyes to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Pearl Jam. This group of fans knows way more about this band than I realized existed. It’s been so fun learning, deepening my own understanding and being welcomed into the community.

What song do you want to hear the most?

I’m most looking forward to hearing Gigaton songs as I’ve been playing that record over and over. I have come to love the whole thing and am super curious as to what they’ll do to them as live performances. Hopefully several get played, but I really want to hear Whoever Said and Never Destination the most. For a long-shot request, Comes Then Goes. I want an amped-up full band version of this song, but think that’s unlikely.

Jared Jackson (LO4L Patron)

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

First and foremost, getting live music of any kind, much less Pearl Jam, is a blessing during these uncertain times. I can’t wait to hear the first note from the openers at Sea.Hear.Now and just enjoy the community that is live music. To be able to dance, sing and enjoy songs again amongst a crowd is something I won’t ever take for granted again. To have my favorite two bands, PJ and The Avett Brothers, close out Saturday night is a dream come true for me. I’m certain that it’s going to be a truly amazing experience and tears will probably be had.

What song do you want to hear the most?

If I had to pick one song we are most likely to hear, it would be Small Town. I can’t wait to hear the crowd explode with “Hello!” If I’m picking a white whale then it’d be No Way. I actually requested it back before the 2016 Columbia, SC show via the official forum and got to hear them soundcheck it. What’s odd is I drove to the show after battling flu-like symptoms post Hampton. It’s just a strange side note to see the world battling covid now and to think back to traveling to a show so sick. It’s something I wouldn’t ever do again after living through the past 2 years!

But truthfully they could play the phonebook and I’d be content. I’m just ready to rock and roll like everyone else.

Monica Lopez (ROCK + RELATE)

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

Pearl Jam isn’t just a band and they’re concerts aren’t just shows. The experience of the lyrics live and energy exchanged is otherworldly. Many times while listening to their songs, I ask, “how’d you know?” The words and melodies hit differently. Like a knock on the window of my soul. Even hearing their songs over and over and over again never gets old. On the contrary, they become ‘lived in’ like a favorite pair of jeans or a buttery leather jacket. How many living touring bands can give that gift?

A lot of people know of Pearl Jam, but don’t necessarily know Pearl Jam. But, for those of us that get it – the love, the music, the meaning, the community – it becomes a lifelong bond with the band.

Which song do you want to hear the most?

I’d love to hear Oceans play while my feet are dipped in the cool, cushioned sand. It may seem like a cliche choice on the surface, but that song and the ocean truly center me. Low Light would also be a highlight if played as the vibe is soothing and nostalgic for me. I’ll be there with my best friend of 30+ years and the lyric “Two birds is what they’ll see, getting lost upon their way” reminds me of our concert life adventures together over the years.

Maria Reiland

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

It’s a feeling that’s hard to put into exact words, but it’s a feeling of relief. That moment when you really start to feel “that which does not kill me, makes me stronger.” I’ve survived while being faced with the unknown.

What song do you want to hear the most?

Present Tense or Breath because after being tasked with schooling a special needs kid remotely, I feel like I can breathe again and focus on the present.

Andrew Famulare

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

Seeing Pearl Jam for the first time in 5 years will mean everything to me. Last year was the worst year of my life. My girlfriend left me, I lost my job and was out of work for almost a year. I got really low. The band’s music was there for me in ways that it’s never been before. The best part about this show is that I’m going with someone who has never seen Pearl Jam live before, which makes it that much more special.

What song do you want to hear the most?

As much as I want to hear some Gigaton songs, especially Seven O’Clock and Retrograde, I want to hear Alive the most. I think back to the story of The Curse, how the fans changed the meaning of the song. I made it through, I’m celebrating, I’m back on solid ground. I’m still alive.

Keith Borusewicz and Krista Sirico

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

This will be my 14th time seeing Pearl Jam and first since the Home Shows in Seattle. This show means a lot to me because I am taking my girlfriend of three years and this will be her first time seeing them live. We had tickets to MSG in 2020, but we all know how that turned out.

What song do you want to hear the most?

I know festival setlists are usually different from the normal tour shows, but I hope to hear Tremor Christ live. I also hope to sing along to Better Man, Black, Porch and end it with my girlfriend’s favorite, Yellow Ledbetter.

Kinsey Haynes

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

My decision to attend Sea.Hear.Now was heavily influenced by being at the last shows the guys played at Fenway three years ago. Obviously the gap between shows was not supposed to have been this long. I had three sets of tickets for the Gigaton tour, and attending this festival in the meantime just seemed like the logical thing to do while I wait for those dates to come back around. My mom has been a Pearl Jam fan longer than I have been alive (no pun intended) and we are making this our big trip for the year. To see our favorite band live again, together, will be exactly the excitement we have waited for, especially during these strange pandemic times.

Which song do you want to hear the most?

My favorite PJ song is Brother, which I have never heard live, but since that is not going to happen, I am going to pick Quick Escape because it is my favorite on Gigaton. Honorable mentions would be Evacuation, In Hiding, MFC, or All Those Yesterdays (Yield may or may not be my favorite album.)

Mariette Corcoran

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

I’ve traveled all over the country to see Pearl Jam for the last 20 years. To be able to see them seven minutes from my home on the beach will be priceless. I can already feel the goosebumps as I envision them taking the stage. I can’t wait to feel their energy again.

Which song do you want to hear the most?

Given To Fly, because for me it’s about freedom, release and happiness.

Stephanie Devine

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

We lost a dear friend to cancer just before the pandemic hit and tours were postponed. She fought a long battle with much success, but things turned quickly towards the end. She was a wife, she was a mom, she was an advocate, she was a tour buddy, and she was a friend. When she passed, I can remember how eager I was to stand in the crowd and therapeutically sing along: “Feel the sky blanket you, with gems and rhinestones! See the path cut by the moon, for you to walk on…” My hope is that this is exactly what she experienced as she crossed over.

Who knew what else the universe had in store for us all? So many more losses for so many people since then. So much strife and division in our communities. Such a long time since we’ve gathered and sang along. Music can’t save the world, but it is a healing force. I cannot wait to be with my peers again. Safely, of course.

Which song do you want to hear the most?

When the first notes of Metamorphosis Two begin, I expect chills to take over. I will not look over to my friend Heide because if we lock eyes, I may cry. But I will look to the sky and know Andrea is right there with us. And when Unthought Known or Light Years or Given to Fly are played, I will hug Heide tight and we’ll sing along for all three of us.

Ryan Goodrick

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

When Gigaton was released, I was fighting to save my marriage while my then wife was giving up. I was going to rebuild my life and then the pandemic hit and couldn’t even find a place to live. I was stuck on my ex’s couch while the divorce process went on. Over the last year and a half, I have found a new life in ways I would not have imagined. I have seen Pearl Jam 41 times and this weekend coming up, I will be able to dance and celebrate life and love of many new friends and continue breathing life back into myself!

Which song do you want to hear the most?

Absolutely would love to hear Rearviewmirror. I couldn’t listen to Pearl Jam for the first three months after she told me she was leaving because every memory from the last 24 years was tied to her. Rearviewmirror was playing on Sirius XM and hearing it was a moment of clarity. I got on the highway and just let loose. Felt pain and joy, but I could hear Pearl Jam again and think of life and love and not pain nor my past in a negative way. The second time that song has saved me for sure!

Marla Cohen

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

I’m overwhelmingly excited to see Pearl Jam on Saturday. It’s not just about connecting with the band that has gotten me through this pandemic, it’s about finally being with friends, sharing this connection and love for their music! The festival setting allows you to be together instead of scattered around the arena too. It’s gonna be epic!

Which song do you want to hear the most?

I really want to hear Release. It just sets the tone and let’s a ton of emotions out. I’m hoping for it!

John Savvides

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

It’s been a LONG ROAD! This life and Pearl Jam has been there for me through all the bumps and curves in the road. Looking back in the rearviewmirror, I realize what an impact they have had on my life. I can feel Eddie’s voice in the depth of my soul when he sings.

I have been extremely fortunate over the last 20 years to have seen Pearl Jam live several times. The last time I was blessed seeing them was their last performance at Fenway Park on Sept 4, 2018. The world has changed since then. At times things seem so bleak, I had tickets to the Gigaton Show on March 30th, 2020, and as we all know Covid came along and spoiled those plans. I am a Registered Nurse who has had to see Covid’s devastation first hand. It’s been a long, scary road since this all began and at times the world feels like things are hopeless!

I am so excited to be going to Pearl Jam’s return to the live stage in three years! It feels as if things will be renewed. Eddie and the boys will put out their energy and heal the crowd! No way would I miss out on this special opportunity to see them, I didn’t think I would have a chance any time soon as they have yet to announce their rescheduled dates for the US leg of the Gigaton tour.

Which song do you want to hear the most?

I am most excited to hear them play their new music as it has not been heard live yet! I want to head Dance Of The Clairvoyants as I think they will just kill that live! I would love for them to perform their new album in its entirety, then with what time they have left throw us some staples like Daughter/It’s OK, Corduroy, Alive, Given To Fly, Rearviewmirror, Sirens, Elderly Woman, the list could continue but you get the idea.

Matt Young

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

Going through the gates of Sea.Hear.Now will have the same feeling as the first time I ever went to a PJ show. It’s going to be a very special moment for us all. I can’t wait to feel the band and the crowd’s energy. When they hit the stage, it is going to be a tidal wave of emotion. I can’t wait to feel it!

Which song do you want to hear the most?

I would love for them to open with Wash. It is fitting given everything that happened during the pandemic.

Jackie Renner

What will it mean to see Pearl Jam live again?

I have a sister, Laura, who is my lifelong best friend and PJ pal. We once met Eddie outside MSG in the wee hours after the 5/20/10 show. Insane! Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer in June. When she first told me the news, I was crushed. I felt numb and absolutely devastated. I don’t know how to live life without her, so the mere thought was a punch to the gut.

SiriusXM Pearl Jam Radio is a constant in my car, but I had to change it. Every single PJ song made me lose it. Even Animal, Lukin and Porch – every song! I couldn’t drive without tear soaked eyes. Now she is in the middle of treatment. She has an awesome support system and has the best positive attitude! She is a strong person and I know she will beat this! I have Channel 22 back on and I can’t stop listening again. Old songs have new meanings for me.

Which song do you want to hear the most?

We used to “joke-fight” over who would get Long Road played at their funeral, me or her. I know Ed’s meaning of the song, but it now has a new meaning for me! Every single lyric of that song brings me new hope. I’m going to Sea.Hear.Now without her, but I also have tickets on hold to both MSG and Nashville shows. Hopefully she kicks cancer’s ass by then and is able to join me once again! So, to answer the question, seeing PJ perform for my tenth time while standing on the beach next to the ocean will be soul soothing and surreal for sure. An abundance of energy from all angles! The song I’d like to hear is Long Road, even though it may be a long shot for a festival. Hearing “I have wished for so long, how I wish for you today” might bring me to my knees in tears, but would mean so much. I’ve heard similar stories countless times before, but I never thought in a million years that one day I’d have mine.

Randy Sobel

Concertpedia Managing Editor & LO4L Host

The first time I heard Yield, I didn’t know it at the time but it changed my life. 10 years later, I saw Pearl Jam for the first time at Madison Square Garden and haven’t looked back. I’m still holding out hope that W.M.A. will one day be played as a full song more consistently in setlists rather than just as a tag off of Daughter, and you won’t ever find a bigger homer for the band’s Hartford shows than me. Top 10 Pearl Jam crowd, fight me on it!

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