Predicting Pearl Jam’s 2021 Ohana Encore Weekend Setlist

By: Randy Sobel | October 1, 2021
Pearl Jam Ohana Encore 2021 Setlists

It’s time for the encore! The final two shows of 2021 should certainly invite some excitement into the Pearl Jam universe. The first two set a pretty high bar for expectations following the new record with nearly all of the songs being home runs performed live. And they still have four songs left to play! The most shocking thing has clearly been the new format, ditching some of the standard live pacing that we’ve grown accustomed to for 30 years, but part of that probably has something to do with timing. Pearl Jam could only afford 2 hours of time for both shows which led to a smaller than usual amount of songs played, but the quality of performances were more than worth this three year wait.

The band will take the stage at 7:50 local time, which means these shows have a possibility of lasting at the very least 2 1/2 hours, potentially more. So the curation of the picks is with that in mind. Since we are predicting two setlists, I will point out the high points in the descriptions and leave the set organization for the end.

Randy’s Setlist Predictions for 2021 Ohana Encore Weekend

Night 1 Setlist Prediction

The way we’re going to start night 1 here is a gut decision. Both shows have opened with a song debut and my bold prediction is that these next two will also feature the debut of two Gigaton songs. Night one will get Who Ever Said, which if not played this weekend may quickly fall into group of songs such as Getaway that they waiting on for too long. Hail, Hail will make its post-pandemic debut here, and with Pluralone in the house, maybe Jack Irons steps in? We can all dream. Nothing As It Seems needs to get broken out so Mike can tear a hole into the atmosphere à la Immortality from last week. I didn’t take a whole lot of chances in this main set, but one I’d be surprised if they didn’t play all weekend is Oceans since all 4 shows have been by the water. I Am Mine, Setting Forth and Not For You are more additions that they haven’t played yet, and we’ll also finally get Rearviewmirror to close out the set. In the encore, good god, if you are gonna lug that pump organ around, shit or get off the pot. River Cross is getting played. Whether it’s night 1 or 2 it doesn’t matter, but we do not leave this weekend without it. I didn’t divide this into an encore 1 and encore 2 just because it’s so difficult to truly figure out their strategy here, especially with some of those Gigaton songs being hefty on time. Present Tense will follow River Cross which will presumably lead to many tears, and then Retrograde will get a spotlight outside of the opener in which it was showcased last week. We’ll finally get the 2021 debut of Jeremy, and Ohana scratch offs State Of Love and Trust and All Along The Watchtower will get the call here with the latter closing the set, likely featuring somebody such as Beck joining them.

Night 2 Setlist Prediction

For night two, once again we’re debuting another Gigaton track. This might be a controversial pick, but I don’t care and would like to see it happen. Buckle Up is going to open this show. They’ve proven that the Gigaton songs all belong in this spotlight, so why not take the most obscure of the bunch and put it in a place of prominence? Plus, it’ll be good verbiage to tee the crowd up into a ripping version of Go. They’ve stayed away from some of the faster ones, but I think they’ll be brave enough to throw some caution to the wind in night 2. The pre-Even Flow portion of the set won’t stray from the norm (just give me Alright again!) but I’m throwing in some curveballs and different stuff for after. Light Years, to my dismay, was scratched off of SHN, so that means they’ll be looking to play it. But let’s double down and follow that up with Come Back. They’ve done a few dedications that were from more recent losses, but I feel like they’ll finally pay tribute to the last 18 months with this section here. And after that I’m filling in All Those Yesterdays because why the hell not? Why Go will finally get played this weekend and I’m placing that before the Porch closer. Okay, now we head to the encore. The band changed up a lot of their usual setlist tricks when they decided to forgo the early staples in favor of the new tracks. That will all be made up here. In what will be the talking point of the weekend, they’ll open the encore by playing Release into Long Road back to back, followed by Nothingman that usually gets added to the early slow burn as well. Daughter will finally get played with an It’s OK tag, and in a rash decision I’ve chosen to break up the encores for night 2. I’m gonna close the first one with Spin The Black Circle. Will it have anywhere close to the kind of power that it used to? No, but they still enjoy playing it so I can see it happening. Encore 2 was a late add because I wanted to do something that hasn’t been done in a long time – a mixed Mamasan as an ode to the band’s 30th anniversary. We’ll open it with Footsteps and then roll into Once before ending the trio with Alive. And then we get the bread n butter to end it, saying goodbye with Yellow Ledbetter.

John’s Setlist Predictions for 2021 Ohana Encore Weekend

Two shows down, two to go. This weekend’s Ohana Encore shows were added not that long ago, after the festival announcement. I think that they knew they weren’t going to be able to play for long at Sea.Hear.Now and Ohana (main), and they wanted a chance to play more, to give the fans a taste of the Pearl Jam they haven’t seen for 3 years. They’ve pushed up their start time (10:50 for us on the east coast), and I think that will be reflected in the setlist. I was pretty close with my Ohana prediction last week, but I’ll admit I did not see Let Me Sleep coming!

Night 1 Setlist Prediction

For night 1, I think they’re starting with Release. Starting with Gigaton songs is great, but nothing beats a Release opener. Then I’m betting we’ll see some new songs, starting with Dance of the Clairvoyants, then Quick Escape. Small Town and Present Tense will follow, warming up the crowd. Seven O’Clock looks like it’s finding a place in the set early, and I think we’ll see it again here. I predicted Why Go last time, and they didn’t play it, but I’m calling it again to follow, and then Lightning Bolt. There are only a few Gigaton songs that haven’t debuted yet at this point, and I think we’ll get one here, Who Ever Said. Then it’s time for Even Flow, followed by a song that was scratched from SHN, Light Years. Alright’s debut was fantastic last week, I think we’ll see it become a fixture in the set. Daughter follows, and I’d be crazy not to pick Danny Clinch to come out and play Red Mosquito, he’s practically in the band now after playing for the last 3 shows! We didn’t see Take the Long Way at Ohana main, so I think it’s time for it again here. To close out the main set I think we’ll see Do the Evolution into Porch. For the encore, it’s FINALLY time for River Cross, and then it would be the perfect time to debut Buckle Up as well. Given to Fly will get everyone flying again, and then another surprise, we’ve seen State of Love and Trust, but I think Breath is the call here. Once and Rearviewmirror will end encore 1, and then they’ll come back out for another set with Last Kiss, Alive, and All Along the Watchtower, and maybe Beck will come play some guitar. Just for the hell of it, let’s say Indifference closes things out on night 1.

Night 2 Setlist Prediction

For night 2, expect some surprises, I wouldn’t be shocked if they came out and played Gigaton in full, for example. But let’s say Corduroy opens, followed by some Gigaton, and then some of the faster tunes that we haven’t seen. They’ve got some time off after this, why not? Sleater-Kinney is playing night 2, so expect them to come out for a late show celebration, most likely Rockin’ in the Free World.

Ohana Encore Setlist Predictions at a Glance

Randy’s Ohana Encore Night 1 Prediction:

Main Set: Who Ever Said, Dance of the Clairvoyants, Quick Escape, Seven O’Clock, Corduroy, Hail, Hail, Nothing As It Seems, Never Destination, Elderly Woman, Even Flow, Oceans, I Am Mine, Setting Forth, Not For You, Unthought Known, Better Man, Rearviewmirror

Encore: River Cross, Present Tense, Retrograde, Jeremy, State of Love and Trust, Porch, Alive, All Along The Watchtower

Randy’s Ohana Encore Night 2 Prediction:

Main Set: Buckle Up, Go, Superblood Wolfmoon, Dance Of The Clairvoyants, Corduroy, Lightning Bolt, Given To Fly, Alright, Seven O’Clock, Even Flow, Light Years, Come Back, All Those Yesterdays, Quick Escape, Do The Evolution, Why Go, Porch

Encore 1: Release, Long Road, Nothingman, Daughter/It’s OK, Black, Spin The Black Circle

Encore 2: Footsteps, Once, Alive, Rockin In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter

Last 5 cut: Around The Bend, Fatal, Take The Long Way, Leash, Faithfull

John’s Ohana Encore Night 1 Prediction:

Main Set: Release, Dance of the Clairvoyants, Quick Escape, Small Town, Present Tense, Seven O’Clock, Why Go, Lightning Bolt, Who Ever Said, Even Flow, Light Years, Alright, Daughter, Red Mosquito, Take the Long Way, Do the Evolution, Porch

Encore 1: River Cross, Buckle Up, Given to Fly, Breath, Once, Rearviewmirror

Encore 2: Last Kiss, Alive, All Along the Watchtower, Indifference

John’s Ohana Encore night 2 prediction:

Main Set: Corduroy, Superblood Wolfmoon, Retrograde, Go, Mind Your Manners, Never Destination, Unthought Known, Even Flow, Quick Escape, Wishlist, I Got Shit, Who Ever Said, Down, Immortality, Seven O’Clock, Jeremy, Better Man

Encore 1: Wildflowers, Comes Then Goes, Footsteps, State of Love and Trust, Black, Porch

Encore 2: Life Wasted, Comfortably Numb, Alive, Rockin’ in the Free World, Yellow Ledbetter

Randy Sobel

Concertpedia Managing Editor & LO4L Host

The first time I heard Yield, I didn’t know it at the time but it changed my life. 10 years later, I saw Pearl Jam for the first time at Madison Square Garden and haven’t looked back. I’m still holding out hope that W.M.A. will one day be played as a full song more consistently in setlists rather than just as a tag off of Daughter, and you won’t ever find a bigger homer for the band’s Hartford shows than me. Top 10 Pearl Jam crowd, fight me on it!

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