July 1, 2018 – O2 Arena, Prague, CZE

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 26
  • Show Length: 2:35


Main Set: Pendulum, Nothingman, Corduroy, Brain Of J., Do The Evolution, Tremor Christ, Lightning Bolt, Dissident, Even Flow, Jeremy, Improv, Love Boat Captain, (Help!)/Help Help, State Of Love And Trust, Spin The Black Circle, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Porch

Encore 1: Man Of The Hour, The End, Given To Fly, Unthought Known, Black, Rearviewmirror

Encore 2: Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Alive, Rockin’ In The Free World, Indifference

Pearl Jam Show Notes 7/1/2018:

Nothingman is met with a huge ovation from the crowd and turns into a campfire moment early in the show. Corduroy kicks over the campfire into a booming singalong. Evolution gets the crowd hopping, singing, and sweating. Tremor Christ is played for the first time since 2016. After Lightning Bolt, Ed comments

“Sometimes, let’s say this isn’t happening in the United States, when you have a really horrible leader, it sure makes you remember how lucky you were to have a great one, how we don’t have a great leader in our country, and when it makes you remember when you had a great one.”

Dissident is dedicated to Vaclav Havel (a dissident from the Czech Republic who became their president), Ed mentioning how “Havel was a great human and one of the great figures of the 20th Century, and was a huge fan of the Velvet Underground.” Love Boat Captain has an improv as a lead-in, with the lyrics

“No, I won’t be quiet, I won’t mind my manners, in your devices, in your evil plans, I will use my voice and everything I got, we all deserve to know we’re not?”

It transitions into the song perfectly. The first verse and chorus of the Beatles’ “Help!” are debuted by Ed solo, which leads into Help, Help, the first time ever for the Help!/Help, Help combo. State of Love and Trust stays true as a crowd favorite, with Ed going down and giving the mic to the crowd before returning to the stage for the end of the song.

I’m Waiting For The Man, by the aforementioned Velvet Underground, is tagged along with Save it for Later on Better Man. Together, Mike and Jeff destroy the faces of the crowd in Porch. After the break, Ed sees a couple of requests for All or None and says:

“Slight problem, we don’t know all of that song. In fact, we kind of know none of that song. We know a little bit of the or.”

The End makes its 2018 debut, played by Ed solo. Crowd is full on jumping for Given to Fly! Tonight’s song to the back of the stage is Small Town, and Indifference closes the show, bookending the campfire vibe that started early.

Ryan Franke

Writer & Contributor

From the time I was handed Ten to listen to on my 7th grade field trip I’ve been hooked! Finally saw my first show at Alpine in ‘98 and the live show itch begun! Can’t wait for more shows around the bend, and a shoutout to my kids Charlotte Pearl and Grant Edward!

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