May 6, 2022 – The Kia Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 25
  • Show Length: 2:24


Pre Set: I Won’t Back Down

Main Set: Of The Girl, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Superblood Wolfmoon, Corduroy, Dance Of The Clairvoyants, Quick Escape, Faithfull, Not For You/(Modern Girl), Buckle Up, Even Flow, Never Destination, Down, Nothingman, Present Tense, Who Ever Said/((I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction), Porch

Encore 1: State Of Love And Trust, Wishlist, Do The Evolution, Black/(We Belong Together), Alive, Yellow Ledbetter

Pearl Jam Show Notes 5/6/2022:

A relaxed Of The Girl opens, setting the tone for a fun Friday night in LA. After Superblood Wolfmoon, Ed says:

“I was gonna tell a story but I wanna just keep playing. I’m not gonna tell any jokes tonight so don’t anybody even THINK about walking up here and hitting me!”

After Corduroy, he tells a story about driving up from San Diego to the Forum for Pink Floyd’s The Wall show. His buddy forgot the tickets at home, forcing Ed to sit in the parking lot for the whole show. Quick Escape is wild, it continues to be the standout live Gigaton song. Faithfull is played for the first time since 2016. During Not For You’s breakdown, Ed comments on the Roe situation and says:

“I think if you’re a girl or woman out there, and the guy you’re going out with…and you’re thinking about maybe going all the way with…I think that if that guy is not pro-choice, then he shouldn’t be allowed to fuck you!”

Dave Krusen is in attendance, Ed says we love you and you’re always a part of this group. Mike channels his inner Eddie Van Halen on Even Flow’s solo, thrashing around like a madman and putting on an absolute display. Ed mentions Howard Zinn, followed of course by Down, Mike with a very poppy, refreshing solo. Something happens in the crowd during Present Tense that Ed pauses mid-song to address, while Mike keeps the riff going. Present Tense has a powerful ending, with the band completely synced up. Who Ever Said has the Satisfaction tag again, sounding more like Devo than the Rolling Stones. Ed warms up with some Pete Townshend windmills before strumming into Porch. Another excellent McCready moment, shredding during the solo down near the pit and running laps alongside them.

After the break, during State of Love and Trust, Ed runs off the stage, forcing the band to keep playing, leading to an extensive solo. He comes back on the stage with a new shirt. The band flips around to play one to the back, it’s Wishlist, we haven’t seen this one in this spot before, it’s always been Last Kiss or Small Town or Smile. Black is an out of this world performance with a long, powerful solo, Mike wailing soulfully at the end, with Ed improv lyrics about good and bad. He tells a story about a guy named Dave and his brother who, after an Earthlings show, found out that he had a tumor in his brain. After surgery, he had a difficult time getting his motor skills back, but was able to muster up the words:

“We’re not missing that fucking Pearl Jam show” 

Dave is shown in the crowd, and gets an amazing ovation. Mike goes down to play the Alive solo towards the floor as Ed tosses tambourines into the crowd. After Alive, the band takes off their instruments and waves goodbye to the crowd, it seems like the end, but they quickly regroup for Yellow Ledbetter to end the evening.

Randy Sobel

Concertpedia Managing Editor & LO4L Host

The first time I heard Yield, I didn’t know it at the time but it changed my life. 10 years later, I saw Pearl Jam for the first time at Madison Square Garden and haven’t looked back. I’m still holding out hope that W.M.A. will one day be played as a full song more consistently in setlists rather than just as a tag off of Daughter, and you won’t ever find a bigger homer for the band’s Hartford shows than me. Top 10 Pearl Jam crowd, fight me on it!

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  1. Sounds so awesome, love to read about the concert since not able to be there!!! Thanks much, Randy !!! Happy times…

  2. Gotta love the Of The Girl pick and that performance of Present Tense. Out of the Gigaton performances, Who Ever Said really jumped out to me this time around! Vintage Ed with the Roe v. Wade comments during the Not For You breakdown.

    Only 23% non-Gigaton overlap (5 songs) between SD and Forum I, and likely to be even less overlap between a night one and two. If this ultimately proves to be a trade between set length and less methodical, more varied sets, while simultaneously being tighter musically…I don’t see how that’s an unacceptable thing necessarily.

  3. Fun show with some rarities. Loved Of the Girl as an opener. Mike was on fire all night. Was able to take a buddy to his first show – proving the band’s point that they have to craft a set list for people that have been to 30 shows as well as this their first and maybe last show ever. Great mix of rare and greatest hits.