May 7, 2022 – The Kia Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Show Notes:

Walking out for the pre-set, Ed gives a shout out to the fans on the rail for having a “long day” and asking them if they camped out at the venue, saying they’ve been through a lot. He hands out…

Show Notes: 

Walking out for the pre-set, Ed gives a shout out to the fans on the rail for having a “long day” and asking them if they camped out at the venue, saying they’ve been through a lot. He hands out blank slips of paper, and says write down whatever you want to hear, as long as it’s on the “master list” we’ll give it a shot. On the list are Brother, Severed Hand, Blood, Untitled/MFC, Tremor Christ, Breakerfall, Unthought Known, Angel, Glorified G, You Are, Strangest Tribe, Fatal, and Marker in the Sand.

Lots of Yield early, after Evolution, Ed says “live from The Forum it’s Saturday night!” Ed holds on that last line in Low Light for what feels like an eternity. Afterwards, Ed points to Stone’s side and says he’s getting an “edible” vibe from them. He adds that the next song, Quick Escape, is about interplanetary travel, but it’s not “Life On Mars,” making a David Bowie reference, and that we may have to live there one day because we’re destroying our own planet. He mentions certain billionaires, saying that for every dollar they get for space travel, they should match it for putting it back into saving the beauty and environment of Mother Earth. Quick Escape’s solo continues to be one of the most powerful moments of the Gigaton tour so far, with Mike holding his head back and firing away. Take the Long Way has a little extra guitar fire from Mike to kick it off. Before Even Flow, Ed continues the story of the homeless man named Eddie he talked about during the Home Shows in 2018:

“He had a shopping cart with a globe inside, he’d spin the globe and look at all the places he’d never get to. We came back from a tour once and he was gone. No one knew and it sort of went right through the cracks. People don’t understand any of the lyrics, but Eddie I was talking about you.”

Ed hypes up the crowd before getting into the chorus by shouting “Sing it for Eddie! Sing it for Eddie!” Mike’s Immortality solo is electrifying, he’s losing his mind, so much so that it looks like he’s having a conniption on stage! Big powerful ending, with the band huddling around a dominant Matt Cameron. Ed mentions that some folks here tonight are some of the most important people in our lives, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and meeting Stone and Jeff through Jack Irons after he was a Chili Pepper. He shouts out Chad Smith who’s on the side stage, and says they’re thinking about Taylor Hawkins, adding that he was someone that truly loved living on this planet, the one thing we can be consoled by is that he never wasted a moment. Ed introduces Mark Guiliana to play drums as Matt Cameron grabs a guitar and steps to the microphone to sing Taylor’s Foo Fighters song Cold Day In The Sun! Chad Smith is seen playing tambourine. An amazing tribute, with Matt’s vocals sounding pristine. Big hugs all around at the end for this emotional performance. After Daughter, Ed asks for the list of songs that the fans created before the show started, “after going through all of the hassle and having the cops think there were all these homeless people outside, you’re giving me a list! Alright we got a plan, and this is a very intelligent choice.” Unthought Known is the first choice, after which Ed mentions how Sean Penn is out helping people in the Ukraine. Before the next request, he talks about Dave Chappelle getting tackled on stage, the person who tackled him had a knife hidden in a fake gun, leading to Glorified G. Great crowd response from the front that makes Ed turn the mic around to give them the moment to sing back. Ed runs out of gas by the end of Lukin, but the band gets right back on the horse with an I Believe In Miracles cover. Garden is very heavy, lots of weight behind it.

After the break, Ed channels his inner Taylor Hawkins with some call and response moments, and then says you should sing in the shower with me. He asks for someone to fetch him his sparkly jacket from his dressing room, saying “that lady has a sparkly jacket and I’m not about to be outdone by that bitch!” The jacket is acquired and then he talks about equal pay and diversity in Hollywood, and goes on a long rant defending Bill Murray. The Save It For Later tag has almost the full song lyrics. Small Town is played for the back, with a lyric change, “…lifetimes are catching up with ALL OF US!” Midway through, he asks for the band to speed it up a bit. The house lights come up for Jeremy. Ed dedicates Leash to COVID-19 saying “fuck you COVID-19! Leash is an excellent surprise, no “lucky face” phrasing. Mike ripping another song apart. Ed dribbles a basketball around the stage during Alive then tosses it to the crowd. Indifference closes out the night.

May 6, 2022 – The Kia Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Show Notes:

A relaxed Of The Girl opens, setting the tone for a fun Friday night in LA. After Superblood Wolfmoon, Ed says: “I was gonna tell a story but I wanna just keep playing. I’m not gonna tell any jokes tonight…

Show Notes: 

A relaxed Of The Girl opens, setting the tone for a fun Friday night in LA. After Superblood Wolfmoon, Ed says:

“I was gonna tell a story but I wanna just keep playing. I’m not gonna tell any jokes tonight so don’t anybody even THINK about walking up here and hitting me!”

After Corduroy, he tells a story about driving up from San Diego to the Forum for Pink Floyd’s The Wall show. His buddy forgot the tickets at home, forcing Ed to sit in the parking lot for the whole show. Quick Escape is wild, it continues to be the standout live Gigaton song. Faithfull is played for the first time since 2016. During Not For You’s breakdown, Ed comments on the Roe situation and says:

“I think if you’re a girl or woman out there, and the guy you’re going out with … and you’re thinking about maybe going all the way with… I think that if that guy is not pro-choice, then he shouldn’t be allowed to fuck you!”

Dave Krusen is in attendance, Ed says we love you and you’re always a part of this group. Mike channels his inner Eddie Van Halen on Even Flow’s solo, thrashing around like a madman and putting on an absolute display. Ed mentions Howard Zinn, followed of course by Down, Mike with a very poppy, refreshing solo. Something happens in the crowd during Present Tense that Ed pauses mid-song to address, while Mike keeps the riff going. Present Tense has a powerful ending, with the band completely synced up. Who Ever Said has the Satisfaction tag again, sounding more like Devo than the Rolling Stones. Ed warms up with some Pete Townshend windmills before strumming into Porch. Another excellent McCready moment, shredding during the solo down near the pit and running laps alongside them. After the break, during State of Love and Trust, Ed runs off the stage, forcing the band to keep playing, leading to an extensive solo. He comes back on the stage with a new shirt. The band flips around to play one to the back, it’s Wishlist, we haven’t seen this one in this spot before, it’s always been Last Kiss or Small Town or Smile. Black is an out of this world performance with a long, powerful solo, Mike wailing soulfully at the end, with Ed improv lyrics about good and bad. He tells a story about a guy named Dave and his brother who, after an Earthlings show, found out that he had a tumor in his brain. After surgery, he had a difficult time getting his motor skills back, but was able to muster up the words:

“We’re not missing that fucking Pearl Jam show”

Dave is shown in the crowd, and gets an amazing ovation. Mike goes down to play the Alive solo towards the floor as Ed tosses tambourines into the crowd. After Alive, the band takes off their instruments and waves goodbye to the crowd, it seems like the end, but they quickly regroup for Yellow Ledbetter to end the evening.

November 26, 2013 – Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA, USA

Show Notes:

The crowd takes the “into the sun” line in Nothingman and then Ed gives it to them one more time at the end. Hail, Hail has the “…I refer to those in front” lyric change. Before Faithfull, Ed explains to…

Show Notes: 

The crowd takes the “into the sun” line in Nothingman and then Ed gives it to them one more time at the end. Hail, Hail has the “…I refer to those in front” lyric change. Before Faithfull, Ed explains to the audience that the song was requested by a fan who was part of a group from Brazil that was following the band from Southern California, and a woman in the group was mugged outside the venue and lost all her money and her passport. The Pearl Jam fans outside the show pitched in to help her out though, and Faithfull is her thank you. Mike has some noticeable tuning issues during the song and he stops playing until the solo, when he rips back in. Before Sirens, Ed says:

“…this next one, it’s a little bit I suppose about the fragility of life…and never take it for granted…there’s nothing better than getting news that you’ve beaten cancer or something….when we started out, none of us were parents, probably none of you were parents, I mean we were barely kids, becoming adults, but when I hear things about Dick Cheney not understanding that his daughter wants to be involved in same-sex marriage and he doesn’t support that, his own daughter, that’s a mystery to me…”

He continues, saying that Cheney should go one more level and be able to marry himself, so that “he can go fuck himself.” Sirens goes off without a hitch, Ed’s guitar perfectly in tune, and Jeff, Mike, and Stone all up at the front doing backup vocals at the end. Ed and Mike do the back-to-back lean and Jeff’s bouncing around on a show-stopping, almost 9-minute Better Man. After the break, Ed comes out, mentions Lou Reed’s recent passing (“Thanks Lou. Thank you Lou. We miss you Lou.”), and plays After Hours. Following Yellow Moon, the band goes over to the side of the stage where a group of Bridge School kids are sitting, and Ed says, with a huge smile:

“…this is my friend Maricor’s favorite song, so I’m going to go over here and hang out with my friends…here’s Maricor, here’s Alan…everybody’s here…” 

Ed, Stone, Jeff, and Mike all go up onto the rail where the Bridge School kids are and sing Last Kiss right in front of them, Ed says something in Maricor’s ear and interacts with the kids while singing, a very touching moment to see. Thin Air returns to the set for the first time since 2008! John Doe from X joins for “The New World,” the first time it’s been played since PJ20 in 2011. Ed runs around the arena floor high-fiving the audience during Porch. Celebratory encore 2 opens with Smile and includes a powerful version of Black. Ed showers praise on the crowd before leaving, adding “…we love you…beautiful faces, every one of you…thanks.”

November 24, 2013 – Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Show Covered by Podcast

Show Notes:

Relaxed opening with Oceans and Low Light before Present Tense ups the tempo. Interstellar Overdrive is the first of 3 Pink Floyd covers/tags on the night. Ed says that he and Mike did some surfing during the day, and that…

Show Notes: 

Relaxed opening with Oceans and Low Light before Present Tense ups the tempo. Interstellar Overdrive is the first of 3 Pink Floyd covers/tags on the night. Ed says that he and Mike did some surfing during the day, and that Sundays “are a little harder to like, knock the roof off…I don’t know…it takes a little more conscious effort to raise the level of this shit…so, if you are up for the challenge we sure the fuck are. So we’ll start this one off, this one’s for all the surfers in the crowd…” leading to a soaring version of Amongst the Waves. My Father’s Son is introduced with “if you’ve ever had a father who ended up in prison, this song is for you.” Mike’s guitar work is hauntingly beautiful during Immortality. Ed talks before Small Town:

“This one is specifically for anybody from Reseda. Or it could be for anybody from San Onofre, anybody from Carpinteria, Fife, anyone from Fife here? West Seattle, here we go…”

“Future Days is dedicated to Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, who are in attendance. There’s a little hiccup in the beginning, which seems to annoy Ed, but the band picks it back up. A fan up front starts convulsing and faints during the song, Ed comments after:
“…there was some guy that got pulled out of here before and it was…he just had a bit of an emergency but he’s fine, it took me out of the game for a second there I just…it’s hard to see somebody come over like that, we got little history so I, just it took me…he’s fine, alright…”

The fan does indeed receive medical care and returns to the show later. During Sirens, Ed’s guitar is horribly out of tune, he’s visibly frustrated, and when his tech, Richie Ramone, comes out to retrieve it Ed tosses it behind his back instead in anger. After the song, he comments:

“Alright, I am officially going to start drinking right about now. What I was doing before was just amateur bullshit, I am going to get all professional right about now. One thing I will mention as we’re getting ready to start really fucking kicking some ass….I have to say, we were talking to some of the people in the building, in the box office and even though its Los Angeles, a place with many cultures and crazy colors, at the box office when people pick up their tickets they said they’ve never seen even like 10% of the amount of passports being used as identification because of all the people coming from all over the planet to come be a part of these shows and ah, I see Brazil and Argentina, and there we got some Israel right there, Shaka, Italia. So, we have a good friend and this might be his last night here, his name is Rob from Manila, Philippines, and they’ve just been battered and beaten and its brutal, the tragedy that’s just happened there with the typhoon, so we just want to tell him to send everyone our best wishes when you get back and we’ll send you with a little bit of something to help, alright here’s to not stopping making a difference.” 

No Way returns for the first time since the PJ20 shows back in 2011. After Blood, Ed waves off the band and storms off, ending the main set perhaps prematurely. After the break, Ed talks about playing in LA in ‘91 with Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, saying “our band owes so much to that band [RHCP].” He continues to wax nostalgic before starting Better Man:

“…and literally I owe so much to Jeff and Stone and Mike for having faith in me in the early days. And Matt for agreeing to be in our band, even though he did know I was in it. And then if you think about that statement…the reason those are great bands is because he is in them…Matt Cameron! This one goes back so far, it was before even I met these guys or even really knew who they were…it was just something that I was sitting on the edge of the bed a long, long, time ago…it was just a bit south of here, about an hour and a half south of here.”

The Another Brick in the Wall tag on Daughter includes “hey, preacher, leave those kids alone.” Ed talks about being in New York City for a time after Roskilde and getting to know Lou Reed, who recently passed, and debuts a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “After Hours,” adding “I just can’t tell you how much I miss the guy right now. There is a lesson, like, miss them while they are still here, and take care of the problem and don’t miss them anymore. That will make sense if you drink about a bottle and a half of wine and listen to it.” “Mother” is the final Floyd cover of the night, played seated, then back to the early years with Breath, Go, and Porch. After the final break, Ed comes out with:

So when does a Pearl Jam concert end? When they kick us out. How many songs does it take for one fuckin’ Pearl Jam concert…the world will never know. Not to be rude, but we gotta play one for the back. We’ll be right back. See back in the day, these are the crowds we were used to.”

Last Kiss is played to the back. Boom is introduced to the crowd as he begins Love Reign O’er Me. Ed is noticeably quite inebriated by the end of the evening, giving the signal to Mike during RITFW to shut it down, swinging the mic stand over his head repeatedly before losing his balance and falling on his back as the song ends, taking one last swig from the wine bottle. Mike is the last one on stage at the end, taking Polaroids of the fans up front.

November 23, 2013 – Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Show Notes:

Pendulum is complemented with heavy guitar effects from Mike while using a bow, which he continues to use through Release. Dennis Rodman gets a subtle nod during Release as well, as Ed changes the lyric to “oh, D-Rod…” Halfway through…

Show Notes: 

Pendulum is complemented with heavy guitar effects from Mike while using a bow, which he continues to use through Release. Dennis Rodman gets a subtle nod during Release as well, as Ed changes the lyric to “oh, D-Rod…” Halfway through Corduroy, Ed appears to be focused on the front of the pit, then during the outro breakdown he says:

“…there’s a little bit of a problem, let’s take care of this problem so we can get on with a fucking rock show. Hey young lady, you’ve got to get the fuck out, just get out now! We’ll talk about it later, just get the fuck out now!” 

After the song he greets the crowd with, “Good evening!” Before asking for the lights and moving to the very front of the stage and addresses the issue again:

 “Hi, I don’t know you, we’ve never met, we need to get you out. Just get out, please, now. Get her out, I’m not fucking around. Just go watch it somewhere else, you had a chance to make friends with these people, you fucked that up, go make some friends over there.” 

After security deals with the issue, he checks in on the crowd, saying “alright, we good now? Cheers.” Lightning Bolt features the well-received line “…towards the great southwest” and Why Go is introduced with “…live from Los Angeles, it’s Saturday night!” After, Ed asks the camera operator to get a shot of a little girl and teases “were you the one causing all these damn problems up here?” Explaining his actions, he states, “We didn’t have time to have a jury trial down here, Johnnie Cochran was going to come in to defend her, it was going to be a problem.” He continues. telling them “Bruce Springsteen said you can get this place rocking, and so far, you are proving him right”. Following Dissident, he says “speaking of escape…” and the band kicks into Getaway. Garden is dedicated to Tim. Before I Got Id, Ed makes a One Direction joke, teasing “this is called I Got 1D.” He mentions Rob, the fan from the Philippines who came on stage in San Diego, and his wife, and says they are sending them “some of the dough from tonight and San Diego home with Rob to help a few folks out.” Prior to Sirens, he makes a dedication to “David…this one’s for him, everybody he works with, and his son Miles, Mike starts this one, thanks for listening.” Ed tosses the microphone to the front row of the crowd during SOLAT and allows them to sing the “…myself…” section. Afterwards, he says with concern, “it’s a rough crowd out here…you alright?” He continues: “…we thought we’d hire George Zimmerman to be security from Florida,” which is met with boos from the crowd, then explains that he would have a weapon, but he would be watched “24/7 by all the security so he doesn’t do anything terrible…someone’s going to have to stand their ground against guys like that. So, this is a song about guns,” which leads into Jeremy, after which Ed goes on to say:

“Without offending anybody, I think we can have a few more gun laws on the books. It’s also a mental health problem, until people can get help, until we do that maybe we need to make it a little more difficult. I could feel it from the back, they wanted me to say that”

Ed explains Leatherman as “this song has been confused as a song about Rob Halford, about Al Pacino, but it’s actually about a real guy and his name was the Leatherman.” Joking that “this is how Mike McCready woke me up this morning,” Eruption is played as a lead into Spin the Black Circle. After the break, Ed inquires “…everybody still good?” then gives his thanks to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers for their support during the band’s early years. Pointing to the crowd, Ed notes, “There’s a woman with a sign for a song that we haven’t played in a long, long time, shall we do that one, or stick to what we were going to do? If you got the time, we got the wine!” After some deliberation with the band, he says “get a spotlight on this woman so in case you don’t like it you can see her on the way out…I’m just kidding!” All or None is then played for the first time “since the Vic Theater fan club show in 2007! An emotional-looking Ed dedicates Come Back to Johnny Ramone, continuing the tribute with an up-tempo I Believe in Miracles. During the intro of Unthought Known he shouts “Tim remember this one, this is us late at night!” Towards the end “of Black, a fan strolls across the stage from Stone’s side, just as he is about to reach Ed a security guard pulls him away before Ed intervenes. Playfully patting him down, Ed takes his phone out before handing it back and slow dancing with him to cheers from the crowd before the man is led off the stage. Before Alive, he introduces the band, with additional praise for soundwoman Karrie Keyes, who he says deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom, in her hometown. After a spirited rendition of Baba O’Riley, Ed jokes “I’m glad we’ve got tomorrow “night off” before the band closes with Indifference.