June 22, 2018 – I-Days Festival, Area Expo, Milan, ITA

Show at a Glance

  • Number of Songs: 19
  • Show Length: 2:00


Main Set: Release, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Do The Evolution, Given To Fly, Wishlist, Even Flow, Corduroy, Immortality, Eruption, You Are, Daughter/(Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)), Mankind, I Got Id, Porch, Footsteps, Black, Alive, Rockin’ In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter

Pearl Jam Show Notes 6/22/2018:

The first show since the London show where Ed lost his voice. Release opens, and Ed clearly does not have full strength or confidence in his normal range yet, as he holds back from going all out. He leans on the crowd to pick up the slack, and they do not disappoint. Mike takes over the show starting with Given to Fly, and doesn’t let up through a blistering Even Flow, followed shortly thereafter with Eruption. Of course, his Van Halen T-shirt should have tipped off everyone what was coming. He saves his best work for the end of the night, where he goes down to the crowd and plays his solo on Black behind his head, in front of the front row fans. Stone also steps up with great guitar work in Do the Evolution while taking his turn on the mic for Mankind.

A sweet moment before Porch, as Ed brings Jill out on stage and expresses his love for her in Italian, as they are celebrating their wedding anniversary. He tells the crowd the two first met in Milan, to loud cheers. A bottle of champagne is opened by Ed, spraying over the stage, then a drink with Jill, followed by a few cups tossed on the crowd. Jill comes out with a green coat with the words “Yes we all care. Y don’t u?” as a response to Melania Trump’s “I really don’t care. Do u?” stunt from the day before. A short festival set with no encore, but plenty of great moments and Ed on the road to recovery.

Sean Rashkis

Concertpedia Writer & Horizon Leg Patron

October 1, 1994 sold me on my Pearl Jam fandom. Coming to the stage and playing Walking the Cow floored me. Not only was I sold on Pearl Jam when I first saw them almost a year earlier in 1993, seeing them come out and open with a pretty rare cover was just incredible. How many bands out there change their setlists as often as Pearl Jam, and show their fans new music experiences constantly. This band! This band!

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