Eddie Vedder and The Earthlings Tour Reaction

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Episode Release Date: February 7th, 2022

Happy tour! Hey, it’s not technically Pearl Jam, but it’s live music within this realm. So we’re taking the time doing exactly what we were built to do on this podcast and that’s react to what we heard live.

Randy ventured out to see the supergroup for their first official night at New York City‘s Beacon Theater, and although Dirty Frank and Timeless Melody were reserved for a night, it was still an extremely rewarding experience when the expectations, with the new songs being fairly underwhelming, were better than we ever could’ve anticipated.

We’ll talk about the new stuff, some of the old stuff, and we’ll track a little bit of what was going on in Newark in real time. This episode poses the question: is this a once in a lifetime tour event? Should we take advantage of it before Chad Smith goes back to the Chili Peppers, where maybe the only opportunity that we’ll get to see them in the future is at best during Ohana Fest? Let’s discuss!

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