Episode 165: Cleveland, OH – 5/20/2006

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Episode Release Date: February 2nd, 2022

This episode takes us to Cleveland for a show on the massive 2006 tour supporting their self-titled record. The big story at the time was coming off of a huge show in Grand Rapids where a slight shake up led to an inspired performance filled with rarities and a different set-up.

This show has a few things shaken up itself with the two most notable being Better Man in as the opener and no appearance of Even Flow. The latter of which at the time was turning into a song that long-time Ten Club members rebelled against because of its frequency. How do they fill in that gap? Well, immediately you lose a big McCready moment, so we have Immortality to help with that, but you also lose a big crowd participation song, which in this case Daughter steps in for. We also get to see a few requests taken in encore 2 that led to some songs you almost never see, including one in which a certain Gossard sings.

Along with Cleveland we’ll also talk about what’s going on with the presumed 2022 tour and get you a little prepared for the upcoming Ed and The Earthlings shows.

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  1. Looking forward to this one! My mind was blown from the opening strum on. You realize that you are into the second verse before Ed even opens his mouth!!.Not a middle sing, not after an encore….the show starts with a chord and only crowd singing!!! Fucking epic!Absolutly the most amazed I have been by a band that I feel n constant amazement about!

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