Episode 100: Toledo, OH – 10/2/2004

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Episode Release Date: October 7th, 2020

Episode Guests: Bradley Piasecki

Hey, won’t you look at that? We’ve hit another milestone! This is our 100th (official) episode and what a way to celebrate then to kick off our series of political Pearl Jam shows. Thanks to a major 2020 election, we thought a great way to remind people to vote would be to share the best of the voter outreach shows. Toledo 2004 might be the most memorable of them all.

We’re joined by long-time listener Bradley Piasecki who was in attendance this night. He walks us through step-by-step what it was like to have no idea that Neil Young was set to take the stage and create an important moment in the band’s history. The rumors swirled around prior to the start of the show when Neil joined them for a soundcheck and Ed teased the crowd that some magic was gonna go down. And boy did it ever.

While PJ took the stage to play a shorter than usual 13-song main set, at the end of the first encore Neil joined Ed for Harvest Moon and that signified that Pearl Jam was merely the opening act of the night. The second encore featured tons of surprises including another guest appearance in the form of Peter Frampton and old favorites such as Act of Love and Cortez The Killer.

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