Episode 99: Santiago, CHL – 11/22/2005

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Episode Release Date: September 30th, 2020

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

Continuing our trip through South America, this episode we bring you to where it all began in 2005. This show from Santiago, Chile is the band’s first ever in the continent, and while there was some hesitation and concern due to the crowd’s size in the early onset, the boys found their comfort zone and fed off the energy of such a passionate group of fans.

Joining us on this episode is our friend and Patron Javier Hervas who gets to talk a little about his experience of living down in Chile and never getting a chance to see the band. He’ll discuss the crowd and how early they were to get there, what it meant to hear the band kick off the show with Release and Corduroy as well as the influence that The Ramones had on South American fans and why their performance of I Believe In Miracles was so special from this night.

We’ll listen to some outstanding performances and crowd reactions throughout this night including a powerful Even Flow, an outstanding version of Save You and a rendition of Black that blew the crowd away.

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