Episode 9: Reading, PA – 10/1/2004

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Episode Release Date: November 2nd, 2018

Hey! Ho! LET’S VOTE! We flashback to 2004 to focus on the first show from the Vote For Change tour that took place in six different swing states prior to the Presidential election. The message on this night was one that can be reiterated in our current political climate – Every. Vote. Matters. While we attempt to stray from our personal beliefs (yet at some points can’t hold back), we take the overall message from this time period as a wake up call for today. As for the show, it’s an intimate set featuring a total of 10 covers (if you count Last Kiss and Crazy Mary) including some that are no longer in rotation today. On top of that, we discuss the pacing of songs played that night such as Given To Fly and how they’ve changed up their playing style during current live performances.

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