Episode 96: Barcelona, ESP – 7/10/2018

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Episode Release Date: September 9th, 2020

We’re back around the world this week and we’ll continue the series this entire month finishing up two more stops and Europe and FINALLY getting to some highly regarded South American shows. This week though we kill two birds with one stone (Gossard) as we’ll also treat this episode as a Patreon request from our friend Luke who attended this show!

The best thing that you can say about a Pearl Jam show is that when you hear the city and year, you know immediately what it attaches to. For this one, it’s Oceans for Israel. Israel was a fan from Mexico who was set to attend this show, but in June of that year suffered a heart attack and would later pass away due to complications from surgery. His friends and fans alike started a social media campaign to get the band to play Oceans, his white whale, at the show. And as the band always does, they take it a step further with a section that could’ve been seen as dedicated to Israel featuring Oceans, Light Years and Daughter with an Esta Bien tag.

Other great things from this show – we’ll get to hear a great crowd participate on their most popular of songs such as Black and Do The Evolution and we FINALLY get to cover Riot Act deep cut Ghost for the first time ever on this show.

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