Episode 97: Lisbon, PT – 11/25/1996

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Episode Release Date: September 16th, 2020

We conclude the European portion of our Around The World series with a stop in Lisbon, Portugal that happened to be the final night of the No Code tour in 1996. The band and crowd brought their a-games and it made for an electrifying atmosphere with lots of chanting and hi-jinx abound.

A big talking point from this show is centered around Mr. Stone Gossard who’s parents were in attendance to witness the event. You can tell its a setlist curated to some of Stone’s favorites because he’s always been a proponent of getting the hits in the set – which is why we see a three headed combo of Even Flow, Jeremy and Daughter in a row. But they also take a few fan requests to play some rarely heard tracks, one of which wasn’t played due to Stone forgetting the song entirely.

Other cool facets of this setlist include the OTOTO opener of Who You Are, which would almost fade into oblivion after this tour, Not For You which features a classic Ed moment where he takes a second to rant about the meaning of the song, an Immortality that absolutely steals the show, and then of course Ed makes love to a push broom during Porch. How else is a tour supposed to end?

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