Episode 218: Mexico City, MX – 11/28/2015

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Episode Release Date: February 1st, 2023

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

It’s been two years since we’ve covered a show in Mexico City, and there is absolutely no excuse for that. Just like every other Latin American country, the fans from Mexico are some of the loudest and most passionate of any Pearl Jam fans around the world. As the band is now potentially looking at eight full years since playing down there, its as good a time as any to to put focus on them.

There’s no question that this crowd is going to take up the majority of the story for this show. As the band was ending the nine-show run, the fans had been waiting four long years for them to return to the 62,000 person capacity soccer stadium. All of that energy bottled up was exploded from the first note of Pendulum. This crowd was especially prominent on songs such as Small Town, Do The Evolution, Corduroy, Daughter, Rearviewmirror and Black which we’ll talk about at length. There’s also an obscure cover from the Eagles Of Death Metal played here that had only been played on three nights as a tribute to the band who were in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Our question of the week – Have you ever been featured as part of the show? Whether it be a dedication, banter with Ed, a sign you held up or even high fiving Ed or Mike? There’s that, and we’ll hear from our Gear Guru Javier again this week talking about the cross play between Stone and Mike’s guitar’s during this version of You Are.

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