Episode 281: Vancouver, BC – 9/2/2005

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Episode Release Date: April 24th, 2024

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

Ahhh, we’re officially in our Dark Matter era! This tortured podcaster’s department is delighted by the release of Pearl Jam’s brand new record, and furthermore are even MORE excited for a big tour year in 2024! That’s why today’s episode is the beginning of a six week run that will focus on every big location that Pearl Jam will play on the west coast. We’re gonna kick it off with the tour opener town covering a 2005 Canadian tour show in Vancouver!

Coincidentally, this Vancouver show in 2005 was also seen as the true kick off to that tour. The memorable Gorge performance was the night before, but since this run took you all the way through the Canadian plains, Vancouver got it started. We’ll talk a lot about how this tour was perhaps the first of it’s kind where the band wasn’t promoting a record, so they had the freedom to create some wild sets. This tour was also known for it’s heavy usage of songs featured on Lost Dogs, which had been release a little over a year prior to that time. We get to see a few at this show, including the rare appearances for songs such as U and Bee Girl. Save You, Better Man, Love Boat Captain and Immortality are great highlights, and you’ll get to see which song Ed tried to turn into a whistling sensation that may have backfired on him.

Oh, did I mention that we have our first taste of live performances from Dark Matter?! We’ll discuss Pearl Jam’s appearance with Howard Stern and get into both performances of Scared Of Fear and Running. Potato!

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