Evolution Series: #11 “Release”

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Episode Release Date: December 3rd, 2020

I’ll wait up in the dark for you to speak to meeeeee! Welcome to the newest edition into the Hall of Evolution episodes as we now add Release to the pantheon! Are you new to Patreon and haven’t listened to an Evolution episode before? The premise is quite simple. We take a deep dive into a song and look at how it’s grown from the original debut up until how we view it in our current era. This episode will be a little bit of a different storytelling presence than say an Immortality or Rearviewmirror where so much of the discussion was based off of how performances of the song changed musically.

We don’t really got much change to the arrangement of Release, no tags, no “fast Release” like you had with a song like Wash. But what you do get is a change in an emotional connection. From Ed’s connection to his father bringing a spiritual aspect to the song that many have held a similar connection to, as well as the song being many people’s first that they’ve ever heard at a Pearl Jam show, the song might have only been played 172 times but it feels like almost each and every one of those performances is significant in some manner.

Enjoy this episode, we really love doing the Evolution episodes and don’t get to do enough of them. However, we want you to vote on the next one! Listen in for the end of the episode as we give details as to how you can vote and which way to vote. We’ll be doing an official post about this very soon!

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