Evolution Series: #12 “Footsteps”

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Episode Release Date: January 28th, 2021

It’s evolution baybay! The evolution episodes are easily some of our favorite to work on and this episode was no different. Since you guys made your picks in a secret ballot, after tallying the votes Footsteps came out the winner! And you picked a great one! In this episode we’ll go through the origins of the song starting with it’s place on the Gossman Project and how it got into the hands of Chris Cornell around the same time that Ed received the Mamasan tape.

The song was played as a part of the Mamasan trio very early on and gained some notoriety with fans with the appearance as a b-side on the Jeremy single. As the song grew over time, we got to witness the addition of the harmonica and a grander, more theatrical performance of the song that was played on big stages in acoustic settings and ballparks.

Hey if you haven’t been participating on Twitter, we’ve been doing the evolution episode vote over there! Only a few days left before a winner is selected. It’s a tight contest right now and there are still some surprises left. Let us know which song you’d like us to cover next!

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