Fan Profiles: Kirk Walton

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Episode Release Date: January 29th, 2021

Episode Guests: Kirk Walton

This episode highlights one of our Horizon Leg Patrons Kirk Walton. You may have heard him on the Ice Bowl episode this week, now you’ll get to hear his story of how he became a Pearl Jam fan, what some of his favorite shows of all time are and how he and a bunch of friends did a Pearl Jam fantasy setlist draft before we made it cool!

Are you a Horizon Leg patron and would like your episode to happen at some point in the future? Reach out! We want to be able to get to as many of these as possible! Are you not on the Horizon Leg and would like a personal episode? Well, that is one of the perks for increasing your monthly Patreon donation to $10 a month! Reach out, we would be glad to have you on the tier!

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