Pearl Jam Song Tier Lists: Ep. 2 – Vs.

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Episode Release Date: March 1st, 2022

We’re back for our second edition of the album song Tier List. If you know your Pearl Jam album chronology, then you know exactly what this is. We’re looking into Vs. to try and find the cream of the crop from their amazing sophomore release. Remember, the game we play is to create one ‘S’ Tier Song at the end so it will go into a final challenge when we come to the end.

These lists are based off of three factors:

  1. how I personally attach to a song
  2. how the fanbase in general attaches themselves
  3. how the band sees the song 29 years after its release.

Opinions are just that. If you agree on me with everything, that’s wonderful, but I would not expect that from the majority of you. Shouting and getting angry over someone’s opinion does not make your opinion better, it just makes it your opinion. I’m not saying this to protect myself from being harassed about it, it’s more about how we all want to see this community be reflected as. There’s no need for there to be infighting, I’ll respect people’s opinions as long as they are civil.

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