Pearl Jam Song Tier Lists: Ep. 1 – Ten

About the Episode

Episode Release Date: February 22nd, 2022

Hello viewers, this is our first attempt at doing a Pearl Jam tier list video, so I thought the best way to introduce it would be to start from the beginning and go with Ten. The plan is to have every album done in a few months time, and possibly some treats along with it.

For the purpose of this tier list, the ‘S’ or Super Tier will be held for one song only. There is only one best. At the end of this series of videos we’ll go through all of the Super tiered songs and determine THE BEST.

It will be subjective. All of this is subjective. You’re not going to agree with me and that doesn’t mean that my takes are bad, it just means we feel a different way. And nobody is wrong about expressing how they feel, but it’s the internet and you guys are the smartest Pearl Jam fans in the room, not some dude that researches lots of stories of theirs on a dumb podcast.

Anyway, enjoy! And check out said podcast on any of your podcast platforms that you use, including on YouTube.

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