Wrigley Field Month – Fanmail Part 1

About the Episode

Episode Release Date: July 26th, 2020

This week is the final week of July, so that means we wave goodbye to our month long celebration of Wrigley Field shows. In this episode we’ll tell stories about our listener;s experience being at these events. They range anywhere from ridiculous to emotional. We’ll even get to hear from a few people who had a direct connection with the performance where you may have even remembered Eddie mention their names.

We had 40 or so people write in to us! Wow! That’s a lot of stories to tell! Which means we’re going to extend Wrigley Month by one extra day. On Wednesday we’ll cover the Night 2 2018 show and Thursday we’ll be releasing a part 2 from our mailbag. If your story wasn’t told in this episode, we PROMISE you’ll hear us tell it on the next episode!

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