Wrigley Field Month feat. Jonathan Cohen

About the Episode

Episode Release Date: July 13th, 2020

Special Guest: Johnathan Cohen

This week’s guest is the co-author of PJ20, former music booker on The Tonight Show and currently writes for Variety, Jonathan Cohen joins the show to talk about his experience being side stage at the Wrigley 2013 show and getting to witness the commotion backstage during the rain delay.

Not only will you get to hear some great stories from that night, but he’ll also share a little bit of his experience from writing the PJ20 book and getting a peak into some of the myths and legends from the band’s history that went previously undiscovered. We’ll talk to him about his time on The Tonight Show and the booking of Pearl Jam week back in 2013 in preparation of Lightning Bolt and shares a special untold detail of one of the original acts that was booked to perform that week (it’s a huge reveal!)

We’ll also ask him about the Gigaton listening party that he attended prior to the album’s release and getting a chance to drink tequila with Eddie and get his insight on parts of the album he was proud of.

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