2023 Pearl Jam Live Show Hall Of Fame Induction

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Episode Release Date: December 27th, 2023

It’s the end of the year and time to relive the things we’ve accomplished in 2023. Only six shows from episodes covered this year ended up with a perfect 10 score from both parties, so we’re bringing them all back for a little year in review before heading into a brand new year in 2024. Those six episodes are Mansfield night II 2003, Mansfield night III 2003, Birmingham 1998, Slim’s 1993, Hartford 2013 and Chicago night I 2023. We’ll play a clip from each of those episodes and talk about our personal favorite episodes this year, and we’ll talk about your favorite episodes as well! And of course, what’s an end of the year episode without giving you a little hint of what’s to come for the Live On 4 Legs 2024 season?! All of that, and our two veteran’s committee episodes get inducted voted by you the fans. Thanks for a great year!

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