Evolution Series: #3 “Alive”

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Episode Release Date: September 6th, 2019

Today we’re opening up the vault to release, for the first time on our public accounts, an Evolution series episode that is part of our Patreon subscription series! The plan for this week is to still get a fresh weekly episode in featuring the Springfield 1994 show, but to fulfill our weekly Wednesday episode spot, we’ve decided to present you with something you may not have heard before – our Evolution Series episode on Alive! This was the third episode in our Patreon series that was released almost two years ago. It’s pretty raw, production value-wise, for what we’ve become on this show, but it’s the content that matters! We tell the story about how Alive was performed as their most popular song in the early onset of this band’s lifespan, and how ultimately the song soured on the band as time grew, even to one situation that caused the song not to be played for an entire tour. But, the song absolutely has its redemption in the end, breaking a curse, and it becomes the end-of-show anthem that brings the crowd to a frenzy.

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