Episode 158: Safeco Field – 8/8/2018

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Episode Release Date: December 1st, 2021

We’re nearing the end of our Hometown Series and a show that absolutely needed to be apart of that conversation gets the spotlight in this episode. This one covers the first night of the 2018 Home Shows – a two night stay at the ballpark formerly known as Safeco Field that fundraised $11 million dollars to combat homelessness in Seattle. This show is a true band homecoming and appreciation for their roots as throughout the night, Ed would tell some of the most poignant stories he’s ever told, giving each band member a moment in the spotlight and sharing the long road that it took for them to be where they are today.

Ed’s most prominent and pertinent story of the night takes place before Even Flow. He shares the origins of the song which has a direct connection to the true meaning of why they’re raising money to fight homelessness. You get to see a vulnerable side of this band that doesn’t normally come out on stage at most shows and it takes you on a journey through their personal experiences and how they’ve interwoven them into what defines Pearl Jam as a band.

There are incredible performances and big surprises from this show, and the Colin Powell rule comes into effect as we get to talk about a topic that might otherwise not be relevant – The Beatles and the Get Back movie. We go into great detail about what makes the film so good, and connecting it to Pearl Jam, we fantasize about a world where we are introduced to a documentary about the Vs. and Vitalogy sessions. It’s worth the listen!

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  1. This was going to Mecca for me! Count me in as one of the ones who took the opportunity to travel thousands of miles to see the band in their hometown and it surpassed all expectations! Great episode! My own little personal story is that my wife actually passed out during MYM and got carried over the barrier with me shortly behind with only a passing thought of how close I was to the stage. 🙂 She’s all good. Hydrate and don’t lock your legs when your husband makes you lineup hours before a show. 🙂

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