Episode 18: Grand Rapids, MI – 5/19/2006

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Episode Release Date: January 12th, 2019

Episode Guests: Bradley Piasecki

We take a trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan for this episode, but if you were to listen to this bootleg, you’d be surprised it wasn’t in a major city. After a two night trip in Chicago supporting their self titled, or Avocado album, the band noticed that newer tracks weren’t being well received by the Ten Club members that would continuously get the best seats due to their ranking in the lottery. Because they weren’t feeding off their energy, if you believe the rumors the band decided to shake things up and give some new faces a chance to get to the front.

With new faces comes new energy. This show was driven by the energetic enthusiasm the crowd put in with every song, new and old, and the band fed off that momentum the entire night. Additionally, they decided to do a little experiment with the encore playing 6 slower songs in a row, similar as to how they tend to begin encore sets in this current era.

One of the new faces that got a chance to see the band up close is one of our Patreon donors, Bradley Piasecki, who joins us this episode to talk about his experience at this show. We’ll talk with him about how the band’s placement of certain new songs in the set could’ve turned off the touring, front row followers as well as what the “experimental” encore has meant for the band moving forward.

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