Episode 31: Orpheum Theatre – 4/12/1994

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Episode Release Date: April 12th, 2019

This episode celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Orpheum Theater show – a classic show that many hold in high regard still to this day. It’s a unique and rare set, especially for the time period, that was created by none other than the band’s crew. Uncommon and lesser known songs such as Hard To Imagine and Dirty Frank were busted out while getting some pre-Vitalogy tracks in there such as Tremor Christ, Better Man and Not For You as well.

A moment that sticks out from this show which turns into a bit of a debate is the appearance of Vitalogy staple Immortality. It was only the second time performed live and it was in the days following Kurt Cobain’s death. We’ve always heard that Immortality wasn’t written intentionally about Kurt, but considering the time period and how the music world was grieving his death, the song’s words hold even more weight. Words you say? Of course, this was the version of Immortality that was in the early stages in its lyrical composition that doesn’t have the same chilling lyrics as we’ve grown to know from the album. With all that being said, debate still came up on whether this was an important moment in the band’s history and whether or not it should be considered a legendary performance. There are two different schools of thought discussed, so getcha popcorn ready.

Outside of all that, there’s also an incredible version of I’ve Got A Feeling played at this show that lasted for about 15 minutes or so. We won’t play all of it for you, but we’ll give you enough to leave you happy!

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