Episode 41: Madison Square Garden – 6/25/2008

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Episode Release Date: June 28th, 2019

This episode is special for many reasons, so where do we start? We’re on our sixth installment of our MSG series and it’s something we’ve discussed a lot on the pod because it was Randy’s Pearl Jam live debut!

There’s a lot to unpack in this episode with many memories to look back on, but the song with the most sentimental value on this show is far and away Release. It was the opener and obviously the first song Randy ever heard live and he’ll take you through all of the emotions of what it was like to have that one moment that you can never relive again.

We finally get to discuss a long running inside joke we’ve shared on the podcast “I wrote the song, and I fucked that up” that McCready exclaimed while out of tune on Marker In The Sand. That and many other moments are brought up that Matt and Randy look back fondly of after 11 years of listening to this bootleg. Also, you’ll learn the definition of a Sobelgasm and maybe Ace Frehley will wander his way into conversation.

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