Episode 51: Buffalo, NY – 10/12/2013

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Episode Release Date: October 16th, 2019

Buffalo 2013 was the second show on the Lightning Bolt tour, and from the early onset you were able to get a big picture idea of what this tour was going to become. Randy attended this show, so he recaps all of the memories of deciding two nights before to take the 6 hour trek up to Buffalo to see the band.

Does this show have any major memorable moments that non-attendees gravitate towards? Probably not, but it was an example of a show for people that were in the building would tell you how energetic the atmosphere was. A good mixture of album tracks spread within the Lightning Bolt songs they were promoting, including three from No Code which has become a rarity in recent years.

If you are a Vs. fan, chances are you will enjoy this show. Especially the encore where they ripped through five songs from the album within an eleven song span. We’ll also talk about the inclusion of the arena slow burn set and how it set the stage for the entirety of the 2013 tour.

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