Episode 69: Chicago, IL – 3/13/1994

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Episode Release Date: March 4th, 2020

When you think of shows from the modern era that are known for their rare gems and put it up against the set list from this Chicago performance 26 years ago, it would still be considered rare. Today’s episode features some of the earliest performances of the best tracks off of Vitalogy such as Last Exit, Not For You and Spin The Black Circle as well as songs that would be considered impossible to hear in 2020.

As Ed battled a cold in front of 2,500 fan club members only days after selling out a 13,000 Chicago Stadium, he declared very early on that they were gonna play a bunch of random shit. The Vitalogy songs were still in their early stages so the fans were treated to a preview of the future, but they were also treated to some of the rarest songs in their catalog from that time. Chaser songs such as Hard To Imagine, Alone and fan club song Angel for the most part are songs that people who have been to multiple shows in the last decade or two probably have yet to witness. Can’t forget the magic number 4 on this show as many of the songs mentioned above were being played for their fourth time, including Yellow Ledbetter.

The biggest moment from this show developed from Ed’s shenanigans during Porch as he had a scare after diving off an amplifier. Ed put on a hell of a show making the crowd think he was legitimately injured before finishing off another furious version of the song. Thanks to our Patron Dylan Sumpter for requesting this episode!

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