Episode 79: Prague, CZ – 6/14/2000

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Episode Release Date: May 13th, 2020

On the heels of the 20th anniversary of the release of the Binaural record, we take our Around The World series to a fun Prague show from the middle of that tour. In the episode, we’ll get to look back on how Binaural was kind of the oddball of Pearl Jam records and why it doesn’t connect as well with the casual fan base. Considering there aren’t many songs from this album that get consistently played live nowadays, it was a nice change going back and reliving some of the tracks when they were brand new.

Speaking of Binaural songs from this show, there were only 5 played which could be considered a low total for a promotion tour. This show featured the live debut of Sleight Of Hand, a nasty Mike McCready opening the show on fire with Of The Girl, Grievance, Insignificance and Light Years. Aside from that, the set list was quite balanced with all 6 albums getting more than one song played.

The reason to listen to this show was Mike McCready and how untouchable he was this night. He shined best on tracks like Animal, Red Mosquito, Even Flow and Black – all which are featured within this episode.

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