Episode 89: Wrigley Field – 8/18/2018

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Episode Release Date: July 22nd, 2020

There’s only two shows left to cover in our Wrigley Field Series as we’ve crossed off 2013 and 2016 and we’re now onward to the most recent year the band has been on tour. This episode will cover the 2018 Night 1 show where the band had a lot to follow up on. They had to follow up on a massive Seattle performance only a week prior that everyone was still raving about, and they had to follow a 2016 performance at Wrigley that was one for the ages. The stakes were high, but did they meet expectations?

We’ll invite a panel of our Patreon members onto this episode to discuss a few topics including the performances of Missing and I Won’t Back Down and the infamous incident where a fan ran onto the field and stole home during RITFW. The first two moments being two of the absolute most memorable from this night and included Ed playing on Tom Petty’s guitar with the fireflies lighting up in the darkness. Missing was an incredibly emotional, albeit subtle, tribute to Chris Cornell without any official dedication.

Other moments from this show that we’ll talk about are how the band performed some of the early set tracks such as Breakerfall, Getaway and Leavin’ Here in alternate tuning. It was a strange vibe that didn’t sit very well with us, but there are plenty of other moments in this set to get excited about including Wash as the opener, Present Tense, a combo of Footsteps/SOLAT/Breath and one of the oldest songs in the catalog Alone.

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