Episode 194: Camden, NJ – 5/28/2006

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Episode Release Date: August 10th, 2022

With September right around the corner, we’re back to covering cities that Pearl Jam will be visiting on tour this year! First stop is Camden, a city that the band had never planned to be in back in 2020, but it just so happens to be on of the most frequent venues that Pearl Jam has ever played. This show we’re covering is the second night of the two show run in 2006.

Lots of good performances to discuss here, from the brand new at the time Avocado tracks, Gone and Severed Hand are two that stand out from this one. Most of this set features songs with blazing speed such as Save You, Grievance and Whipping, but on the flip side the first encore was a complete change of pace bringing in the more emotional tracks such as Man Of The Hour, Black and the second all-time performance of Parachutes. But this show we’ll also have a big finish on encore 2 as well!

Tune in to check out the set, some discussion on Ed singing with The Strokes and a New Jersey tailgate fit for kings!

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