Episode 230: Pittsburgh, PA – 4/26/2003

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Episode Release Date: April 26th, 2023

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

After a week of big announcements in the Pearl Jam world, we’re coming back this week with more of the Riot Act Tour! Why not?! We’ll discuss a little bit of the upcoming September tour in the beginning of the episode, but if you want our full fledged analysis, please check out our reaction episode that came out earlier in the week. Pittsburgh is yet again on the docket for us, and the show from 2003 has plenty to talk about. Highlights galore in the main set as we’ll chat about Small Town making what was a rare appearance as an opener at the time, a killer Corduroy, an amazing Immortality, a Wishlist with an extended improv and Even Flow which was on the patented McCready hot streak at the end of the April run.

No lack of discussions for encore 1 as we get the very rare appearance of the scrambled Mamasan with Once appearing in the set prior to Alive. We’ll continue conversation about the development of Alive’s presence in 2003, and we’ll go in-depth on the addition of the harmonica to Footsteps and what would later become a composition change in the song. Oh, and an 11-minute Rearviewmirror to end the encore ain’t a bad thing at all!

Also in this episode, we’ll share our Patron Michael Fleisher’s story about this show due to this being his request, we’ll read you answers for question of the week that asked what some of your favorite shows were that had an abundance of a certain album’s songs played, and our Gear Guru segment delves deeper into the Even Flow hot streak that took 2003 by storm.

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