Episode 284: Las Vegas, NV – 6/6/2003

About the Episode

Episode Release Date: May 15th, 2024

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

The Dark Matter tour keeps trucking along as we now have four shows under our belt and are looking forward to a big weekend in Las Vegas where anything can happen! To get you even more excited for that, this week’s episode goes back to the Vegas show during the mighty 2003 Riot Act tour! Coming off of an absolutely legendary performance for their 10th anniversary show in 2000, this crowd came in with a ton of excitement and never let down all night.

This show will feature two guests who are vital to the existence of Pearl Jam – Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. They’ll join the band for a fun rendition of Rockin’ In The Free World, but before that we’ll get into a conversation about why if it wasn’t for Nancy, Pearl Jam may not have been able to fund Ten following the death of Andy Wood. It’s a story that doesn’t get told often and it never got a mention in PJ20, but we’ll share how it all went down for you here in the episode.

This show should be recognized as a Mike McCready explosion! Mike was on fire the entire night putting on a clinic during such songs as Even Flow, Go, Love Boat Captain, Breath, Crazy Mary, Fuckin’ Up and that just scratches the surface. Javier will join us for two segments to gush over the tone of Even Flow and Crazy Mary for this one!

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