Evolution Series: #22 “Do The Evolution”

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Episode Release Date: September 28th, 2023

It’s back everyone! We have completed another thesis paper on the research of the entire live history of a song, and now it’s time to Do The Evolution’s Evolution…. BABY! To evolve Evolution is no easy task. Out of percentage of times a song has been played at a show since it’s debut, Evolution is actually in the highest percentile. 549 versions and so many stories to tell. So where do we start?

As always, songs have growing pains as they debut and Evolution certainly had some as well. When it can evolve into this incredibly intense driving anthem, it also has a tendency of taking the personality of a fun drunk guy at a party. Any way you slice it, this song elicits something from the crowd whenever it’s played. Singing, chanting and raising hands in the air – that’s always been it’s calling card and even those things will evolve into something more over time.

We’ll get into one of the most important versions at The Garden in 2003 when the stage shook, but we can’t do this episode without a heavy time allotment focusing on that special South American crowd. Especially Buenos Aires. The evolution of the crowd participation alone is worth the listen!

Check it out, and share your favorite version of Do The Evolution down in the comments!

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