Pearl Jam @ Ohana Festival Instant Reaction Episode

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Episode Release Date: October 4th, 2021

Ohana and Ohana Encore weekend was a long time in the making, but the shows are now in our rearviewmirror. There’s a lot for us to talk about, such as all of the new Gigaton songs that either debuted or tore the house down.

In this episode we’ll react to everything that went down at both Ohana and Ohana Encore weekend and try to put our best analysis on how great these shows were. The Gigaton songs will be the most heavily featured, but we’ll also talk about some of the rarities tossed in there such as Sweet Lew and Let Me Sleep, a few of the special guests like Brandi Carlile who joined them, and some of the old songs that felt wonderful to hear again.

All of the instant reaction jam packed into this episode recorded just 24 hours after the last show’s end!

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