Episode 149: Randall’s Island, NY – 9/29/1996

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Episode Release Date: September 29th, 2021

Episode Guests: Patrick Boegel

On it’s 25th anniversary, we present you with an episode on what’s considered to be a top 10 Pearl Jam show of all-time- Randall’s Island! Having to book non-Ticketmaster venues, this muddy, massive open field was their best option in order to play in New York City. In with that marks a 32-song instant classic that many northeasterners have noted to be their first ever Pearl Jam show.

Ed made the crowd a promise after playing the previous night that this would be the best played and longest show in their history, and they certainly made good on their promise. The show didn’t go off without it’s issues as very early on there was a desperate plea for crowd control. A performance of Animal was stopped midway through in order to calm things down, but the situation continued to be addressed during the first chunk of songs.

Also in this show, we get the last ever appearance of No Jeremy, a rare rendition of Rats played by Jack Irons, Long Road in the encore, and so much more that made this night memorable. However, the most memorable moment is likely this version of Porch where Ed duct taped his entire body, jumped into the crowd and gave one of the most iconic speeches in the history of the band.

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  1. I’ve been told by Chris to comment on this show episode that I’m sorta in.

    It’s incredible to hear other people listening back to these shows 25 years later and feeling their raw power.

    So hard to pick three moments from night 2, so I’ll start with night one:

    Last exit opener
    Not for You with the direct line to god and sweet Jane rap.
    Even flow with John Popper

    Night two it’s gotta be
    Porch, may not be the majestic jams of 1994 and 1995 but it was absolutely priceless to be there for this.

    Absolutely crazy writing this on a phone by the beach 25 years later. No phones in 1996, somehow a dozen people got separated night 1 and found each other between the fastbacks and Ben Harper

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