Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Reaction: Ep. 16 – Budapest

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Episode Release Date: July 13th, 2022

After the big memorable weekend in London, Budapest was the next on the bus schedule. It’s unfamiliar territory as Pearl Jam hasn’t played there since 1996. But just like we saw in the last time Pearl Jam played in a city where they haven’t returned to in a while, they get all of the songs they’ve missed in that large span of time! Wash opener! Brain of J (grrr)! TWO from Riot Act! and of course… the return of SLOW LUKIN! Lots of conversations to have here, even if the video was sparse. We’ll also return to the never ending conversation of where’s Rearviewmirror? Helping us with a little RVM guitar tutorial is Branden Palomo from the Better Band Podcast! Also, another PJ pod host joins us as Chris Warne from Ventricles Pumping shares his experience and favorite moments from this show!

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