2022 Pearl Jam Fantasy Setlist Draft Tournament Edition – Round 2

About the Episode

Episode Release Date: November 18th, 2022

Episode Guests: Brooke Krause , Dakota Duvall

Welcome to round two of our first bracket in the 2022 Fantasy Setlist Draft! We already have one winner who made it to the finals, but we’re looking for 3 more to join them! For round 2, we go to battle with Brooke, Robyn, Dakota and Marty to see who has the setlist to garner the most votes!

If you missed last week’s episode, here are the basic foundation for the rules:

– Everyone is drafting a set in order of where they want their songs to be played. So opener would be the first pick, closer would be the last. Once a song is taken, it’s no longer available to draft.

– Everyone gets a 24-song setlist to curate, 18 main set tracks and 6 encore. The song options for the draft are based solely off of the songs that were played during the 2022 tour this year. The only other restriction is within the first 5 songs that must consist of songs done in the sitdown section as they did on this tour. Drafter can choose to pick 5, or pick and Ed pre-set song to begin and pick 4.

– There’s a lot of chaos happening! Especially in this episode. So when we’re done here, head to our social media pages to check out the voting, because YOU pick the winner!

Let’s see how this one plays out! See you next week for the third round!

If you were unable to sign up for the draft, please contact us directly – liveon4legspodcast@gmail.com, and we’d be happy to put you on a waitlist. Patrons will have priority over non-patrons, especially ones who haven’t played before!

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