Episode 108: San Jose, Costa Rica – 11/20/2011

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Episode Release Date: December 2nd, 2020

In this episode we’ll focus on the one and only time the band took a trip down to Central America as Ed and Boom were able to catch some waves down in Costa Rica.

If your expectations for this show are as high as any show in Argentina, Brazil or Chile, do yourself a favor and lower them immediately. You cannot go into this show thinking that the crowd is going to be red hot for everything. They had their moments where they came through and sounded pretty good on the boot, but this should not be lumped into the same category as shows from those other nations.

With that being said, this show coming towards the end of the 2011 run which was still promoting an album that many people deemed unspectacular doesn’t raise a lot of eyeballs. Some nice moments such as a Vs. opener combo of Go into Animal, a great Daughter/Why Go transition that was completely dictated by the crowd and a nice little surprise Oceans in the encore are enough to raise eyebrows, but some strange setlist decisions and way too much from Ten doesn’t set this show enough apart from others. We’ll dissect what worked and what didn’t and we’ll also mention a mini riot that occurred near the beginning of the show.

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