Episode 109: Mexico City, MEX – 7/19/2003

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Episode Release Date: December 9th, 2020

This is the penultimate episode in our Around The World series as we dip into this great Mexico City tour closer from 2003.

There are many ingredients in the recipe for a perfect show, but the integral pieces from this set are so unique and unlike any other of its kind. First off, it’s a tour closer. Second, it’s a lucrative night 3 show, those don’t come around too often. Does it have rare songs? You bet! Guest appearances? Hell Yeah! Well, it can’t possibly happen to have all of that AND be on the birthday of a band member, right? Oh, you are in for a treat my friend!

The band says goodbye to the far traveled and controversial Riot Act tour by throwing a massive party to celebrate. It happens to be the founding member, Stone Gossard’s date of birth, so what’s a better gift than to bring out a mariachi band to sing Las Mananitas, La Bamba and Guantalamera? You can tell from the energy on the stage how good a mood everyone is in for this show as they play up to a red hot crowd and hangout with friends and tour opener Sleater-Kinney. Big highlights from this night include an opener of Wash, Hunger Strike feat. Corin Tucker, Black, Rearviewmirror with an improv, Mankind for Stone and a phone call to none other than Johnny Ramone before a performance of I Believe In Miracles. It’s a show more than worthy of a high spot on Pearl Jam’s all-time lists!

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